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KELLER'S TNA AGAINST ALL ODDS RESULTS 2/14: Live ongoing results of PPV - Styles vs. Joe, Nastys vs. Team 3D, tournament

Feb 14, 2010 - 10:09:15 PM


FEBRUARY 14, 2010

-Mike Tenay and Taz introduced the show as the cast members cheered on cue.

1 -- DESMOND WOLFE (w/Chelsea) vs. "THE POPE" D'ANGELO DINERO -- Eight Card Stud Tournament Quarterfinals

The crowd chanted "Let's go Pope!" in the opening minute. Nice back and forth action early. At 6:00 Wolfe hit a top rope superplex. Pope came back a minute later with a snap neck breaker off the second rope. He followed with his double-knee finisher for the clean win.

WINNER: The Pope in 8:00.

STAR RATING: ** -- Really good eight-minute match. They easily could have held the crowd's interest if they went another eight or ten minutes. The crowd is reacting to Pope like he's an emerging main eventer. Pope faces the winner of Morgan vs. Hernandez.

-Ric Flair barged into Eric Bischoff's office and asked why he made himself special referee for the TNA World Title match. Flair said an executive decision like that should go through him, Styles's manager. Bischoff sat and listened, then chastised him for raising his voice to him. He said Flair's just upset that he's a referee that Flair can't buy. Bischoff said he's going to call it right down the middle tonight. He warned him to keep his distance. He excused him because he had work to do. He turned to his computer. (Hi, Eric.)

-Jeremy Borash is back. He introduced Hernandez and Matt Morgan, who will be facing each other next. Hernandez said he's making the most of this opportunity. Morgan agreed. Morgan said they want to see who between them is the best athlete. Good segment. Tenay said it's good to see J.B. back on TV.

2 -- HERNANDEZ vs. MATT MORGAN -- Eight Card Stud Tournament Quarterfinals

Taz called them young lions, although Hernandez is in his late 30s and Morgan is in his early 30s. But it's good to hype them as future stars with the bulk of their careers ahead of them. They fought a clean back-and-forth match early, countering and escaping each other's key moves. Morgan nailed Hernandez with a series of back elbows in the corner. Taz said that's no way to treat a partner. Hernandez went for a bodyblock on Morgan. Morgan tried to catch him, but there appeared to be miscommunication and it was sloppy. The crowd chanted "Let's Go Morgan" at 3:00. Morgan showed a little frustration after a kickout by Hernandez. He settled into a chinlock. Hernandez came back with a delayed vertical suplex. Morgan rolled onto the Hogan Ramp. Hernandez dove through the ropes onto Morgan. The crowd chanted "TNA, TNA." Hernandez sold that his shoulder popped out of socket. He took his time getting back into the ring. He entered the ring. Morgan threw Hernandez shoulder-first into the ringpost and scored the pin. Hernandez didn't seem thrilled with Morgan's opportunism afterward, but Morgan tried to accompany him out of the ring. Hernandez blew him off.

WINNER: Morgan in 9:00.

STAR RATING: *1/2 -- Clunky at times, good at others. Good finish, actually, in getting across Morgan was willing to exploit an accidental injury from his partner.

-A video package aired on the Angle-Hogan tension.

-Christy Hemme interviewed Angle backstage. Angle apologized for doubting Hogan. He said his path to the TNA Title now begins with Ken Anderson. He said he plans to introduce Mr. Anderson to TNA the only way he knows how, by kicking his ass in the ring.

3 -- KURT ANGLE vs. MR. ANDERSON -- Eight Card Stud Tournament Quarterfinals

Anderson stood in the ring and waited for the mic to drop down. He reached for the mic, grabbed at it, but missed. The fans laughed at him. He said, "That was intentional." He did a good job playing into the crowd in a heelish way during his self-intro. Then out came Angle. At 4:00 Anderson bloodied Angle with is own medal. He then pounded him in the corner. Tenay said that turned the complexion of the match 180 almost instantly. Anderson settled into a chinlock. Angle made a comeback a minute later with clotheslines, but then charged and caught an Anderson boot to the face. He countered immediately, though, with a released belly-to-belly for a two count at 6:00. Angle applied an anklelock at 9:00. Anderson kicked out of it before it was fully applied. Anderson shoved his face into the exposed turnbuckle pad that Anderson removed a minute earlier. He then drove him into the mat with a Mic Check for the pin. Afterward Anderson put Angle's medal on his chest and then spit on him. Spitting may be the new thing that's overdone now in 2010 as a heelish move. Taz said Anderson just signed his death wish.

WINNER: Anderson in 10:00.

STAR RATING: ** -- Good ten minute match. Some old bag-o-tricks used effectively by Anderson, who made up for his lack of flashiness to his style with effective but rudimentary heelish moves throughout. This is more his type of match.

-Backstage Bischoff talked to Abyss and Mick Foley. He acknowledged he put them in a very difficult situation. He said running a wrestling company is a tough job. He said he has a lot of responsibility to the wrestlers, but he also owes the audience the best show possible. He said he wants them to go at each other like it's the last match they'll ever have. He said if he senses any gamesmanship, he's serious that he will remove Abyss's mask. Foley wanted to know what counts as a shenanigan. Bischoff said he's going to make their match no-DQ so that the barbed wire baseball bat is legal, which will prove to him that they aren't taking it easy on one another. See, there's an explanation that makes sense for a barbed wire baseball bat being legal in a match. Too bad it has been used so much in the past it's been watered down. Abyss said, "Mick, Mick, I can't hurt you, Mick!" Abyss is hilarious.

-They went to Tenay and Taz at ringside to talk about the previous segment.

4 -- ABYSS vs. MICK FOLEY -- Eight Card Stud Tournament Quarterfinals

Abyss opened with a side headlock. Then he splashed him in the corner. The crowd chanted, "Use the bat!" That chant may seem to show how "over" the bat is, but it also shows how the crowd doesn't really take it seriously as a weapon that actually does any long-term damage because it's been used so flippantly for so long. It's become a novelty prop rather than a weapon of major ramifications when used. Foley bailed out to ringside, but Foley met him with a punch. Foley, by the way, was decked out Cactus Jack ring pants and the old "Wanted" t-shirt. He hit Abyss in the back with a chair. In the ring Foley hit a swinging neckbreaker. Taz said it seems like Abyss is wrestling defensively, but without the desire to dish out any serious punishment to his pal. Foley poured thumb tacks out of a black bag all over the mat. Abyss set up a chokeslam onto the tacks, but he thought twice and chokeslammed Foley away from the tacks. Taz wondered if that would qualify as "shenanigans" by Bischoff, who wanted them to go all-out fighting. The crowd chanted for Abyss to use the bat. Abyss put on a sock. The crowd changed to a chant of "Use the sock!" Foley blocked the Mandible Claw and DDT'd Abyss instead. Foley then put on a sock. He dropped the ref and pulled off his sock. Taz said, "He has some cheesy-ass feet." Tenay warned the ref to watch the tacks. They applied the Mandible Claw on each other. Foley's won out. As Foley picked up the bat, Abyss defensively slammed Foley onto the tacks for the win.

WINNER: Abyss in 7:00.

STAR RATING: 3/4* -- They managed to tell a solid story in this one and limit the use of blood to none and undersold hardcore weapons shots to very little, so it was actually a disciplined hardcore style match that told a story rather than going for numbing shock and awe. It still wasn't good, but at least it wasn't as bad as usual for this type of match.

-Hemme interviewed The Nasty Boys backstage. She said they were nearing a tag match 15 years in the making. Brian Knobs says they know why they're there. He said they're good friends with Hogan. He said Hogan told them to show all of the tag teams in TNA what it's all about. He said tonight it starts with Team 3D. Jerry Sags said they're not bottom-feeders. "We go right to the top," he said. "If we can't beat you, why are we even here?" Knobs has the look of someone, at his most intense moment on a promo, about to kiel over with a heart attack or stroke.

-A video package aired on the Nastys-3D feud.


Tenay said this is the first-ever match-up between these two decorated tag teams. It began with a stand-up brawl with punches and face rakes. The Nastys bailed out early. When they returned, Ray worked over Sags for a minute, then tagged in Devon. When they set up a 3D, Knobs yanked Sags out of the ring. The crowd chanted, "We want tables!" Sags beat up on Devon at ringside. Ray lost his cool and charged at Sags from behind, knocking him hard into the security railing. Taz noted that Brooke Hogan was at ringside. Back in the ring Knobs worked over Devon. Tenay and Taz noticed a cameraman went down in that collision at ringside earlier. After a few minutes of tags by the Nastys, concentrating on Devon, Ray encouraged the crowd to clap and energize Devon for a tag. He hot-tagged Ray, who took Knobs down with punches and forearms. "It's like lifting a small foreign car," said Taz after Ray bodyslammed Knobs. Sags didn't take the urinage from Ray right. Ray then set up Knobbs for the What's Up flying headbutt from Devon. Sags interjected himself, but Team 3D gave him a 3D. As it appeared Team 3D were going to win, Jimmy Hart ran out to ringside and handed Knobs a helmet, which he used to KO Ray. That led to the Nastys getting the win.

WINNERS; The Nasty Boys in 11:40.

STAR RATING: * -- They get credit for doing the most with the least in terms of athleticism and conditioning. They used facial expressions, hot tags, signature spots, and outside interference at the end to cover for how little they can actually do to otherwise tell a story with a simulated fight. The Jimmy Hart surprise return is the story of the match. Let's see what he can do on the mic after all of these years.

-Backstage, Bischoff chatted with Samoa Joe. Joe held up his case and said he is cashing it in to give TNA someone representing the company they can be proud of. Bischoff said there's a lot of history between he and Flair. He said it's all bad. He said he doesn't want to see Flair standing next to the TNA Champion. Bischoff said he needs to call it right down the middle, though, because he is also representing TNA. Joe said he appreciates his social situation, but as far as they go, Bischoff just needs to take care of Flair. Bischoff told Joe to take care of that "Samoan temper" of his. He told him to get the job done. Joe said, "Deal." There's a little foreshadowing.

-They went to a crowd shot that made the Impact Zone seem like a major arena with a wide angle from the opposite side of the entrance stage.

6 -- MATT MORGAN vs. THE POPE -- Semi-Finals

Morgan methodically outpowered and dominated Pope for the first five minutes. He applied a bearhug at 5:00. It was so one-sided for two evenly ranked wrestlers, you knew Booking 101 dictated that Pope would win. Pope avoided a Carbon Footprint in the corner, then Pope kneed him in the back and scored the pin with both legs hooked.

WINNER: The Pope in 8:00.

STAR RATING: *1/4 -- Not a lot of crowd heat with two babyfaces (I think; you never know with TNA for sure) battling, but they popped for Pope winning. Morgan certainly wrestled a more heel style. They did a good job focusing afterward on what a big win it was for Pope and how upset Morgan seemed afterward. Taz said Morgan has no reason to be ashamed as he wrestled a good match.

-Borash interviewed Anderson backstage. When Borash said he beat Angle, Anderson asked him to repeat himself twice. Anderson liked the sound of it, but then insisted he actually destroyed the "so-called greatest wrestler." He added, "Nick-names are given, not chosen, by the way." He said he's going to grab the title at Lockdown after winning this tournament. He got in Borash's face. Taz said Borash's bug-eyes almost blew out of his skull. Actually, Borash, wearing a suit, tried to behave and did not over-emote with his eyeballs. Anderson ran behind the camera and came up on the other side of Borash and yelled one last time: "Anderson!" That popped the crowd. Anderson is on his game and showing why he emerged in WWE in that first year or so as a fast-rising star on course for a World Title.

7 -- ABYSS vs. MR. ANDERSON -- Semi-Finals

Taz and Tenay noted the size difference between the two. Taz called Abyss "a massive human being." At 1:00 Abyss beat up Anderson at ringside. "He's got fingers like sausage, this guy," said Taz regarding Abyss. Anderson made a comeback at ringside. They fought back and forth in the ring for several minutes. Anderson blocked a chokeslam attempt by Abyss at 4:00. Abyss continued on offense, including a sideslam for a two count at 5:00. Anderson ducked Abyss and went for a Mic Check. Abyss blocked it and gave him a Shock Treatment. Abyss draped his arm over Anderson for a near fall. Anderson raked Abyss's eyes and moved his mask. Abyss grabbed the ref by mistake. Anderson then gave Abyss the mic check for the win.

WINNER: Anderson at 7:00 to advance to the finals.

-Christy interviewed a cocky A.J. Styles and Flair. Styles is interjecting Flair-like mannerisms and phrases, such as saying he "ooozes excellence." He does the tip-toe thing, too, when he gets excited. Styles said a wrestler like himself comes around once in a lifetime. He told everyone to excuse him while he takes off his 30K diamond ear rings. (If they're looking for a heat-generating name for Styles, how about Abercrombie Jermaine Styles?) Flair said a few words endorsing Styles.

-Backstage Hogan told Bischoff that he hopes he does call it down the middle, but word is on the street, he knows what he's up to. Taz chuckled when he first saw Bischoff in the referee shirt. Hogan told him to leave his history with Flair behind and get over it. Bischoff said he is. There was something about Hogan's eyes here. Bischoff promised he wouldn't let Hogan down. Hogan said he felt bad asking. Bischoff said no worries. The best part of the segment was the sign on the door behind them that read: "Please keep elephant door closed when not in use." Bischoff uttered, "Damn it!" once Hogan walked away.

8 -- A.J. STYLES (w/Ric Flair) vs. SAMOA JOE -- TNA World Hvt. Title Match

Bischoff got his own ring entrance music. Tenay said as someone who lived through it i the WCW era, he knows first-hand about the Flair-Bischoff issues back then. Tenay said Joe has something to prove against Styles tonight. They showed backstage Styles debuting his new robe, which was like Flair's with the feather trim, but also had the hood that is signature Styles. Taz said he never thought he'd see Styles sport a robe like that. Borash did his best-in-the-business big match ring introductions. The crowd chanted "Joe! Joe! Joe!" during his ring intro. Tenay said you could feel the big match atmosphere in the Impact Zone. Joe outpowered Styles early including a hard shoulder block. Tenay travelled back to 2008 and said, "That was fierce." At 3:00 Styles used a leg whip to take control.

At 5:00 Joe took control and dove onto Styles at ringside. Back in the ring, Styles begged off and rolled to ringside. Joe went right after him, but Styles used a cheap shot to take control. He pulled up the mat, but couldn't suplex Joe onto the exposed floor before Joe reversed and escaped. Styles went on sustained offense for several minutes. Joe blocked a huracanrana out of the corner and then chopped Styles in the chest. "I'll kill you stupid Samoan!" yelled Styles as he charged at Joe. Joe caught him mid-air and one-arm slammed him.

At 12:00 Styles began working over Joe's leg. He applied a figure-four at 14:00. Flair helped Styles with leverage, so Bischoff ordered a break. Joe backdropped Styles over the top rope to the floor. Joe went on a series of offensive moves leading to near falls. Joe grew impatient and frustrated. At 18:00 Styles came back and set up a Styles Clash. Joe escaped and applied a rear naked choke, but Styles had an arm in to block it. Joe overhead suplexed Styles onto his head. Joe set up a Muscle Buster in the corner. Flair held onto Joe's leg, so Bischoff jumped to ringside to scold Flair. Flair yanked on Bischoff's arm. When Flair tried to get into the ring, Bischoff punched him. Too bad Bischoff has been suck a jerk for the last month or so on TV or the crowd might have popped more. Joe was upset with Bischoff because he had Styles down for a pin after a Muscle Buster. Joe's temper came into play as he shoved Bischoff into the corner. Styles then surprised Joe with his Pele Kick. He followed up with the Styles Clash for the win. Bischoff counted very, very slowly, upset with the circumstances of the pin.

WINNER: Styles in 21:00.

STAR RATING: (***3/4) What you'd expect between these two, although the sense that no one who deserves to win ever wins in TNA is starting to drag down the sense that anything that happens during the match leading up to the finish matters all that much.

-They went to Tenay and Taz at ringside. Taz said Bischoff said he was going to call it down the middle, and he did. They threw to a video recap of the tournament.

-Christy interviewed Anderson before the match. These backstage pre-match interviews are always welcome. Anderson said he's checking things off his bucket list tonight. He listed the things he accomplished tonight and said next is sending Pope back to the Harlem Street Corner he came from. He said he's one win away from earning a shot at the most prestigious title in the "whole freakin' world." He continued to chomp on his gum.

-Borash interviewed Pope backstage. He said he doesn't respect Anderson, so he's going to call him Junior from now on instead of "Mister." He said, "This business needs change, so consider Pope the cashier and Anderson's check voided." He's really clicking on the mic with each week that goes by, to the point of having that kind of swagger that Randy Savage did in his prime. Hall and Syxx jumped Pope on the set. Security came in quickly. They fought them off. The beatdown continued. Hall told Hogan he hears he's having a party and warned him not to turn his back on the WolfPac. They left. The camera panned down to Pope, who was trying to regain his senses.


Anderson attacked Pope during his ring intro with a running clothesline. He stomped away at him on the ramp. Taz said Hall and Syxx "inadvertently" set the table for Anderson. Taz said the spotlight was on The Pope and they wanted to get in that spotlight to send a message to Hogan. Kennedy controlled the match for six minutes. Pope surprised Anderson with a small package for a near fall. Anderson took over again immediately and methodically beat down Pope. He tried for a double-leg-hook pin, but Pope continued to kick out. Tenay and Taz agreed it seemed like it was just a matter of time before Pope won. At 9:00 Anderson settled into a chinlock. Pope made a full-fledged comeback and went on a flurry of offense. He German suplexed Anderson, then held on and went for another. Anderson elbowed out of it. Pope, though, clotheslined Anderson down and immediately leveraged him for a near fall. Pope charged Anderson in the corner with his double flying knees into Anderson's chest for a believable near fall. Tenay expressed amazement that Pope managed to wrestle his way back into the match. Anderson fired a clothesline at Pope to regain control at 13:00. Anderson reached up and a mic lowered into his hands. Anderson then said, "Ladies and gentleman, you are one Mic Check away from the next number one contender. Hold that thought." He let go of the mic. set up Pope for the Mic Check, and delivered it. Pope kicked out after Taz declared Pope the loser. The crowd popped. Anderson couldn't believe it. Anderson got upset and stomped away at Pope. Tenay said he was embarrassed because his finisher wasn't enough. Anderson went for a cannonball off the top rope, but Pope moved. Pope came back with another double-knee in the back and scored the pin. "You've got to be kidding me!" said Tenay. "It's a miracle," said Taz. "And then there was one, and his name is The Pope." Tenay said he managed to come back from the deck being stacked against him, playing into the Eight-Card Stud theme of the tournament (perhaps by accident). Confetti dropped from the rafters as Pope celebrated.

WINNER: The Pope in 16:00.

STAR RATING: **1/2 -- This told a very nice story, also. It dragged a little excitement-wise with Anderson's methodical beatdown, but it was for a purpose as it helped make Pope's comeback seem all the more of an achievement. They did a nice job trying to make Pope into a star and elevate him to being perceived as a new generation star in TNA.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Interesting night. With Joe, Styles, Anderson, and Pope starring in the final two matches, it did feel like TNA did enough to avoid charges that at least to their hardcore fans who buy the PPVs that they're living in the past.

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