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RADICAN'S DGUSA "Untouchable" PPV review - Doi vs. Danielson, Shingo vs. Richards

Nov 2, 2009 - 3:32:15 PM


"Untouchable" debuts on Nov. 6 on Indemand, The Dish, TVN, Viewers Choice, and Bell cable systems.

The show began with shots from backstage of several wrestlers preparing for their matches as Dragon Kid and Masato Yoshino made their respective entrances. Lenny Leonard and Phil Colvin are your announcers for the evening.


This is a rematch from the previous PPV "Enter the Dragon." Kid controlled the action early, but Yoshino cut him off and began working over his back. Yoshino locked in a half crab and then sunk the hold in deeper, but Kid managed to get the ropes. Kid eventually fired back and sent Yoshino to the outside with the déjà vu. He followed up with a springboard hurricanrana to the outside that sent Yoshino into the guardrail. Kid followed up with a missile dropkick back inside the ring, but was slow to follow up and appeared to be momentarily shaken up.

Yoshino ducked a charge into the corner and nailed Kid with a clothesline, but he countered Yoshino moments later with a chinbreaker. Kid followed up with an octopus submission, but Yoshino managed to escape and slammed Kid to the mat moments later. Yoshino managed to block a top rope hurricanrana and nailed Kid with an incredible high missile dropkick for a nearfall that popped the crowd huge. Both men battled on the top rope again. Yoshino managed to send Kid to the apron, but he fired back and nailed a standing Yoshino with a hurricanrana off the top for a nearfall.

Kid ducked a charge from Yoshino and nailed him with a slingshot dropkick through the ropes. Kid followed up with the ultrarana, but Yoshino kicked out! Yoshino avoided a move off the top and nailed Kid with the lightening spiral for a nearfall. After a series of counters, Kid nailed Yoshino with a crucifix bomb for the pin.

Kid asked for a handshake after the match, but Yoshino blew him off once again.

WINNER: Dragon Kid

STAR RATING (***1/4) – This was a good opener. It wasn't as good as their previous match on PPV, but the action really heated up down the stretch as both men exchanged counters at a breakneck pace. The nearfall with Yoshino kicking out of the ultrarana was a nice touch as well, since Kid had beat him with that move on the previous PPV.

-Highlights of Mike Quackenbush's confrontation with YAMATO from "Enter the Dragon" aired.


Yamato and Akuma jumped Quackenbush and Jigsaw as they made their entrance and the crowd booed them roundly. Yamato and Akuma hit a double team backbreaker on Quackenbush, who rolled to the floor in agony. Jigsaw was left alone in the ring with Akuma and Yamato, but the ref eventually restored order and forced Akuma to the apron. Yamato and Akuma showed some good teamwork tagging in and out to work over Jigsaw. Quackenbush got back on the apron, but Akuma sent him flying to the floor right away. Yamato began working Jigsaw's leg. Jigsaw limped around and attempted to make a comeback, but Yamato locked him in another leg submission until Quackenbush ran in to break up the hold. Jigsaw botched a hurricanrana attempt on Akuma, who sold it anyway. He then tagged in Quackenbush, who ran wild on Akuma.

Quackenbush did a good job of fending off Akuma and Yamato on his own for a long period of time as the action broke down. Jigsaw finally ran in and nailed Yamato with a superkick for a nearfall. Akuma then nailed Jigsaw with the double knees to the chest, but Quackenbush broke it up. Jigsaw continued to lie down on the apron and appeared to be legitimately hurt. Jigsaw ran in once again to save Quackenbush from a crossface submission from Yamato.

Akuma set up Quackenbush on the top rope, but Jigsaw nailed him with a dropkick. Akuma shoved Jigsaw away and went for a moonsault, but he got out of the way. Jigsaw set up Akuma on his shoulder, but he couldn't stand, so he went to his knees and Quackenbush nailed Akuma with a double knee shot off the top. Jigsaw went to make the cover, but Yamato broke it up. Quackenbush side-stepped Yamato, who speared Akuma right in the chest. Quackenbush then back dropped Yamato to the outside before nailing Akuma with a leaping piledriver for the pin.

After the match, Yamato and Akuma attacked Quackenbush until Hallowicked made the save.

WINNERS: Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw

STAR RATING (**3/4) – The match was too chaotic to follow at times and it seems like everyone had a hard time getting things back in order after Jigsaw injured his knee. At one point Quackenbush walked right by Yamato and picked up Akuma, which looked ridiculous as Yamato simply nailed him with a blow right away. There were some really nice sequences down the stretch. I give Jigsaw a ton of credit for working through the injury like he did and hopefully DGUSA can match these two teams up again sometime in the future.

-An Ad featuring Yamato aired stating the first DGUSA champion would be crowned on the PPV.

-The lights went out and when they came back on Bryan Danielson was standing in the ring. The crowd lost their mind and threw streamers as Danielson posed on the turnbuckles. Naruki Doi then made his entrance.

3 - - Open the Dream Gate Champion NARUKI DOI vs. BRYAN DANIELSON – non-title match.

Huge crowd heat here at the start with the crowd going ballistic for Danielson. What a reception! After a series of stalemates, Doi finally got the upper hand with a dropkick to Danielson's knee. Doi continued working over Danielson's leg for several minutes, but Danielson fired back and went after Doi's arm. At one point Danielson transitioned a sick looking arm submission into a pinning combination. Doi managed to kick out, but the crowd exploded for Danielson's technical work during the spot. The crowd continued to gasp at Danielson's sick submission work on Doi's arm.

Doi fired back and hung up Danielson in the ropes. Doi nailed him with a running charge. Then with Danielson still hanging over the ropes; he followed up with a senton off the top. Danielson fired back and nailed Doi with a series of stiff blows before nailing him with a running kick to the chest for a 2 count. Both men then began exchanging strikes in the middle of the ring and the crowd exploded. Doi eventually nailed Danielson with a running forearm off the ropes for a 2 count to end the exchange. Danielson countered the Doi 5's and cinched in an ankle lock on Doi as the crowd exploded, but Doi managed to get the ropes. Danielson continued to favor his knee after releasing the hold.

Doi fired back with a dragon screw and locked in the figure 4. Both men then exchanged nearfalls with Doi nearly getting a pinfall with a fancy pinning combination. Danielson got right up and nailed Doi with a running knee strike, but both men struggled to get to their feet. Danielson managed to lock in the cattle mutilation, but Doi got the ropes. Both men exchanged blows again in the middle of the ring. Doi peppered Danielson with a series of slaps to the face. Doi went for a basement dropkick, but Danielson caught his leg and applied the ankle lock again. Danielson followed up with a German with a bridge for a nearfall. Doi got up, but Dragon caught him in the ankle lock once again with a grapevine. Doi managed to send Danielson into the corner and nailed him with a senton. Doi followed up with the Doi 5's, but Dragon kicked out.

Doi went up top, but Danielson cut him off. Doi shook Danielson off, but he got to his feet and nailed Doi up top with an elbow to the back. Doi sent Danielson to the mat once again, but Dragon got to his feet and took out Doi's legs. Danielson finally managed to nail Doi with a belly to back superplex for a 2 count. Danielson went after Doi right away and applied the cattle mutilation once again. Danielson then began peppering Doi with elbow shots as the crowd counted along. Danielson hit 20 elbow shots and covered Doi, but he kicked out at the last moment.

Both men exchanged blows in the middle of the ring once again. Danielson finally sent Doi down to the mat with a running kick to the chest. Dragon went up top, but Doi cut him off. Danielson peppered Doi with elbow shots on the top rope, but Doi countered and nailed him with a super Doi 5's. Doi covered Danielson, but he kicked out. Doi finally finished off Danielson with the muscular bomb for the win. Wow!

WINNER: Naruki Doi

STAR RATING (****1/2) – This was an awesome match. It started as a technical war and evolved into an all out war at the end. The crowd heat was amazing for this match. Doi gained a lot from beating Danielson here as he stood toe-to-toe in the middle of the ring with one of the best independent wrestlers in the world. Doi took a beating and so did Danielson, but in the end Doi was able to put Danielson away with the muscular bomb.

-Another Ad for the upcoming DGUSA PPV aired.

-CIMA and Brian Kendrick both came out to big ovations. Kendrick appeared to be in his WWE gimmick. They cut to the locker room with Yoshino and Dragon Kid in an altercation. The announcers told us to check out DGUSA.TV for more details.


The match started at a furious pace with Kendrick managing to duck a dropkick from CIMA and the crowd erupted. Quackenbush entered the both to announce the match. CIMA posed for the crowd, which allowed Kendrick to jump him from behind. CIMA cut off Kendrick up top and sent Kendrick crashing to the mat. CIMA went up top for a dive, but Kendrick got out of the way and went back on the attack. The announcers said sooner or later Kendrick would run out of shortcuts and would have to outwrestle CIMA. CIMA fired back on Kendrick with a superkick. He then nailed him with the air raid crash. CIMA went up top and nailed Kendrick with the double knees across the chest for the pin.


STAR RATING (*1/2) – This was disappointing only because they were allotted so little time. This match had major potential on paper, but they only went around five minutes or so before CIMA got the pin. The action was really good while it lasted.

-Another ad for the Open the Freedom Gate PPV aired.

-Davey Richards came out to a good pop for his match against Shingo. Shingo came out to a good reaction as well, but he shaved his head. WTF? His haircut prior to the shaving was EPIC.

5 - - DAVEY RICHARDS vs. SHINGO (w/Dragon Kid)

Richards ducked a chop and went for a kick, but Shingo got out of the way. Richards pointed at Shingo and told him he missed by just a little with his kick. Shingo and Richards began exchanging strikes. Richards got the better of the exchange with a series of kicks that sent Shingo to the mat. Richards went for a kick through the ropes from the apron moments later, but Shingo caught it and nailed him with a dragon screw through the ropes. Shingo went to work on Richards's leg and targeted it for several minutes with various submissions and strikes. Richards tried to fire back at one point, but Shingo back dropped him to the floor, and Davey sold his leg huge. Shingo followed up on the outside and nailed Richards's knee with a running strike up against the guardrail. Shingo set up Richards on the apron, but Richards fired back and brought Shingo's arm down against the apron with a ton of force, but ended up hurting his leg landing back on the floor on the outside.

Richards then draped Shingo's arm over the guardrail and nailed him with a running knee strike on the outside. Richards kicked Shingo several times and then locked in a nasty arm submission on the mat, but Shingo got the ropes. Richards locked in another submission with Shingo's arm tied up. He then applied a clover leaf with Shingo's arm still tied up, but Shingo got the ropes again. Richards continued to shake his leg as he climbed the top rope and nailed Shingo with a diving headbutt. Richards got a cross arm breaker, but Shingo clasped his hands. Richards then nailed Shingo with several strikes and applied the hold all the way, but Shingo got the ropes. Shingo told Richards to bring it. Richards nailed Shingo with several kicks, but Shingo fired up and nailed him with a German.

Shingo caught Richards coming off the ropes with a DVD. Richards blocked a forearm, but Shingo nailed him with a huge lariat for a 2 count and the crowd erupted. Richards caught Shingo with a Saito suplex and then followed up with a huge flip dive through the ropes that saw him go flying all the way into the crowd. Holy crap! The crowd chanted for Richards as he got to his feet and went back on the attack. The crowd roared as Richards fired up back inside the ring and laid into Shingo with several kicks. Richards then nailed Shingo with his signature handspring kick off the ropes for a nearfall. Richards forced Shingo into the ropes and then kicked his arm. Richards bounced off the ropes, but Shingo caught him. Richards countered the blood ball and nailed Shingo with a KO kick to the head, but he kicked out at the last second and the crowd roared.

Richards slammed Shingo and went up top, but Shingo cut him off with a huge chop. Richards nailed Shingo's arm with several strikes and went for a sunset bomb, but Shingo blocked it. Richards managed to nail Shingo with a leaping enzuguri and followed up with a top rope hurricanrana. Richards then nailed Shingo with a German with a bridge for another nearfall and the crowd erupted again. Richards signaled to the crowd for the DR driver, but Shingo blocked it. Richards caught Shingo in another cross arm breaker. Shingo tried to get out, but Richards switched the hold to a triangle. The ref checked Shingo's arms, but he rose up the third time, went up to the top rope with Richards on his shoulders, and nailed him with a DVD off the top for a nearfall. The crowd went ballistic and chanted "DG, DG."

Shingo nailed Richards with several forearms against the ropes. Richards went for the handspring kick off the ropes, but Shingo caught him and nailed him with the blood ball. Shingo then nailed Richards with huge running lariat, but Richards kicked out at the last second and the crowd went ballistic. The crowd chanted "Davey, Davey." Richards caught Shingo with the alarm clock, a spinning kick, and the DR driver, but Shingo kicked out at the last second. The crowd chanted "please don't stop." Richards kicked Shingo in the head several times, but Shingo blocked the DR driver and his made in Japan, but Richards kicked out at the last second and the crowd roared again and chanted "DG, DG." Wow!

Shingo nailed Richards in the corner with a running clothesline and set him up on the top rope. Richards fought him off. Both men exchanged headbutts up top. Richards fell to the mat, but got right up and nailed Shingo with a big kick. Shingo nailed Richards with a clothesline and charged at him in the corner, but Richards got out of the way and Shingo hit the post. Richards went up top moments later and hit a SSP. Richards then locked in a kimura and Shingo tapped. Wow!

WINNER: Davey Richards

STAR RATING (****3/4) – This was a heck of a match with Richards and Shingo going at it like two major prize fighters. The submission work, strikes, and crowd heat were excellent throughout the match. In fact, this match just got better and better as it went on, as neither man would stay down for the pinfall. Richards's work on Shingo's arm finally paid off in the end when he got him to submit to the kimura. Another must-see match.

-An ad for DGUSA.TV aired.

The Young Bucks made their entrance for the main event to a nice reception. Saito and Horiguchi were out next. Horiguchi was wearing a wacky mask and told the crowd to shut up prior to the opening bell.

6 - - THE YOUNG BUCKS (Matt & Nick Jackson) vs. Open The Twin Gate Champions RYO SAITO & GENKI HORIGUCHI – non-title

Matt and Horiguchi came to a stalemate early and both men tagged out. Nick ran wild on Saito and sent Saito to the outside. The Bucks then hit a double team dropkick on Horiguchi and began working him over in their own corner. Horiguchi managed to back Nick into his own corner and Saito pulled his hair, which caused the crowd to boo him. Nick managed to push Saito into his own corner and the Bucks began tagging in and out to work over his arm. Saito then pushed Matt back into his own corner and tagged in Horiguchi, who locked in a modified abdominal stretch on the mat. Nick then grabbed Horiguchi by his pony tail and Matt came off the top and nailed his ponytail with a double stomp. The Bucks continued to work over Horiguchi, but he nailed Matt with a low blow. Horiguchi then went to the outside and pitched Nick into the crowd.

All four men ended up brawling on the outside. Saito got the upper hand on Nick by raking his eyes. Doi and Horiguchi hit a series of double team maneuvers on Matt that left him lying on the ground and the crowd booed. Saito hung Matt upside down in the corner, ran at him, but stopped short and spit right in his face. Nick tried to run back into the ring, but Horiguchi tossed him to the outside. Saito twister Matt's ponytail several times and Horiguchi came off the top with a sledgehammer to his ponytail. Payback sucks. The crowd continued to boo Horiguchi and Saito as Horiguchi sunk in a leg lock on the mat on Matt. Horiguchi then knocked Nick off the apron and into the guardrail before going back on the attack on Matt. The official was tied up with Nick, which allowed Saito to choke Matt with a belt. Saito then nailed Nick with a running dropkick and the crowd was very upset with this.

Matt finally mounted a comeback and took out Horiguchi with a standing sliced bread #2. Nick finally got the hot tag and ran wild. Nick leapt through the ropes and nailed Horiguchi with a moonsault off the apron. Matt came off the top and nailed Saito with an elbow drop for a nearfall. Matt nailed Horiguchi with a dropkick through the ropes. He hung on and draped himself over the ropes and Nick used him as a launching pad to hit a twisting dive to the outside onto Saito. Horiguchi managed to recover and wiped out Matt with a big running dropkick. The Young Bucks continued to dominate the action for several minutes, but Saito managed to suplex Matt into Nick in the corner.

The action continued at a breakneck pace. Nick pitched Horiguchi to the outside. Matt nailed Horiguchi with a flipping stunner off the top and at the same time, Nick took out Saito with a dive to the outside. Nick went for a superkick on Saito, but he dragged the ref in the way and Nick ended up hitting the ref instead. The Bucks hit more bang for your buck on Saito, but the ref was down. Horiguchi blew mist into Matt's eyes and hit the double cross on him. Horiguchi sent Nick flying to the outside as Saito covered Matt for the pin. Wow!

Matt tended to Nick after the match while Horiguchi & Saito soaked in the boos of the crowd.

STAR RATING: (****1/4) – This was another excellent match on this show. The crowd really hated Saito & Horiguchi, who used every shortcut and dirty tactic possible to win the match. The Bucks had the match won down the stretch, but the ref was out. This allowed Horiguchi & Saito to cheat to get the win. The announcers sold their disappointment in the actions of Horiguchi & Saito well.

Overall score (9.0): DGUSA delivered another PPV full of excellent action. The second half of the card was really strong. The first half was good as well, but I have to wonder if the show would have been better served leaving the Quackenbush & Jigsaw vs. Yamato & Akuma or Kendrick-CIMA matches off of the PPV release and saving them for the DVD.

The show started with another very good match between Dragon Kid and Masato Yoshino. It wasn't as good as their previous encounter at the "Enter the Dragon" PPV, but it was still darn good. The angle they ran after the match with both men fighting backstage was difficult to digest on PPV. Fans were urged to go to DGUSA.TV for more footage, but I think the footage would have been a welcome addition to the PPV. The Quackenbush & Jigsaw vs. Yamato & Akuma match was about as good as it could have been after Jigsaw injured his knee. The action was disjointed at times, but Jigsaw deserved credit for pulling off some nice spots, despite his injury.

The Danielson-Doi, Richards-Shingo, and Young Bucks-Horiguchi & Saito matches were all awesome. I really liked how Danielson was introduced and he had an awesome technical battle with Doi. Richards-Shingo stole the show and was the best match on the card. It should finish high in the MOTY voting. These two had an all out war that had the crowd going ballistic by the end.

The main event was totally different from anything else on the card. Horiguchi and Saito got some real heat from the crowd for their dirty tactics and the Young Bucks really got screwed in the end after the ref got knocked out. I commend DGUSA VP and booker Gabe Sapolsky for mixing things up here and throwing some real intrigue for what should be an excellent rivalry going forward. Horiguchi & Saito did a really good job of playing despicable heels during this contest.

The two hour PPV certainly has its limitations, as everything comes at you rapid-fire while watching the show. The sound was better than the last show, but the lighting from certain angles was too bright. I'm hoping that is improved upon for the next PPV taped in Chicago.

As I hinted at before, I was disappointed most of the major angles shot during the show weren't included on the PPV version of this show. Fans can go online and watch all of the footage on DGUSA's site, but I was hoping some of that footage would be included here. Hopefully the fans let DGUSA know they want to see the angles included on the PPVs, as the philosophy right now is to just give fans great wrestling with the PPV edit.

The PPV is well-worth a purchase. For what DGUSA is going for, you can't find another company delivers like they do in the ring.

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