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TNA Impact
CALDWELL'S TNA IMPACT RESULTS 3/6: Complete "virtual-time" coverage of London Night 2 - final Lockdown PPV hype, more

Mar 6, 2014 - 10:00:11 PM


TNA Impact Results
March 6, 2014
Taped 2/1 in London, England
Episode #6 of 6 from Europe
Aired on Spike TV
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

TNA Impact opened with Bobby Roode on the way to the ring. Behind him were TNA tag champs Bro-Mans, flanked by D.J. Zema Ion. Mike Tenay and Taz said the Bro-Mans regained the Tag Titles in Tokyo, Japan over the weekend. Included was a video clip from the match.

In-ring: Bobby Roode sent a message to MVP that he is the only thing standing in his way of 10 percent ownership of TNA. Austin Aries's music interrupted to bring out the no longer current X Division champion Austin Aries, but Aries was wearing the X Title belt. TNA couldn't roll footage of Aries dropping the X Title to Sanada at the same show in Japan since it would conflict with Aries wearing the title on this show.

Aries entered the ring and demanded a 5/5 split with Roode on the 10 percent interest at-stake at Lethal Lockdown. Robbie E. and Jessie also noted they want a piece of the pie. Roode shot them down, saying he came to them and he calls the shots. Roode said Rule #1 at Lockdown is winning the match. Aries said Bobby doesn't have to worry about that because he's a game-changer and difference-maker. Aries said no one in this company can measure up to him and help MVP at Lockdown.

On-cue, MVP's music played to bring out the captain of the opposing team. MVP, dressed to wrestle, was flanked by the Wolves. In the ring, MVP said he made the wrong decision trusting Aries last week. So, he dug deep to find another partner for Lockdown. Before MVP could announce their fourth member, Dixie Carter's music interrupted.

The TNA president walked down to the ring with a scowl on her face before adjusting her hair in the ring. Carter walked up to MVP and said his decision won't matter. Dixie said she doesn't care who the fourth member of MVP's team is because she spent all last week in New York securing victory for Team Roode. Carter continued to shout in MVP's face that she will stop at nothing to keep control of the company.

MVP said he gets it, but he thinks they should see who his partner is for entertainment's sake. MVP built up this man, then Dixie stammered that it doesn't matter. "Just tell me!" she blurted out. MVP did a big build-up to reveal that Jeff Hardy is their tag partner, popping the crowd. Dixie tried to calm them down, saying he is under a TNA contract and she suspended his contract when Jeff walked out on her.

MVP disagreed, saying Jeff will be standing next to him at Lockdown. "Over my dead body," Carter said. MVP mockingly said he would love to be there for her funeral. Roode stepped up to MVP and cussed him out before shouting that he will be 10 percent owner of TNA after Lockdown. MVP thought it over, then popped him in the mouth. Tenay told viewers not to go anywhere because a six-man tag match is next.

[Commercial Break at 9:11]


1 -- BOBBY ROODE & AUSTIN ARIES & TNA tag champion ROBBIE E. (w/TNA tag champion Jessie and D.J. Zema) vs. MVP & THE WOLVES (EDDIE EDWARDS & DAVEY RICHARDS) -- six-man elimination tag match for the Lethal Lockdown advantage

The bell sounded back from break for the start of the match. MVP dropped Robbie with a kick to the head early on, then scored an anti-climatic pinfall for the first elimination. It was presented as if it just kind of happened and they moved on.

*** Robbie eliminated at 2:00 ***

A short while later, Aries snapped off a Brainbuster suplex on Eddie Edwards for the next elimination.

*** Edwards out at 3:26 ***

Aries and Davey Richards picked up a mid-ring exchange. Big counter/reversal sequence, then the captains tagged in and had a mid-ring exchange. MVP no-sold Roode's attack, then Roode did likewise. Roode then clotheslined MVP from behind when Aries provided a distraction. Roode followed with a roll-up and Aries held down MVP's feet from the floor to ensure Roode scored a three count on MVP.

*** MVP cut at 5:05 ***

Davey Richards was left alone for his team. Roode pounded Davey into the corner before choking him with his boot. Roode then chucked Davey to the floor, allowing Aries to come off the top turnbuckle with a smash to Davey on the outside. Back in the ring, Roode scored a nearfall. More double-team offense from Aries and Roode, but Davey continued to survive.

Davey missed with a top-rope double foot stomp, but recovered and slapped on a single-leg crab. Suddenly, Aries entered the ring with a chair and bashed Davey with it, causing Aries to be DQ'ed.

*** Aries DQ'ed at 8:45 ***

Aries continued the assault after being DQ'ed, then referees spilled out to check on Davey, who sold a shoulder injury. MVP and Eddie also spilled out from the back to check on Davey. Davey continued to writhe in pain until Impact cut to break with the match technically down to Roode and Davey.

WINNER: Match suspended in 9:00.

[Commercial Break at 9:26]

During the break: Davey Richards was taken backstage for a medical evaluation. The announcers reviewed footage of Aries taking out Davey, then asked what the ruling is on the match.

Backstage: Earl Hebner walked into the trainer's room and said he is giving them one hour for Davey to get better and continue the match against Team Roode. The bearer of bad news TNA trainer said, "It's probably not going to happen."

Video Review: Sam Shaw stalking Christy Hemme. It all leads to Shaw vs. Mr. Anderson at Lockdown on Sunday.

Backstage: Sam Shaw talked to himself about creating something beautiful, just like Christy did last week when she slapped him.

[Commercial Break at 9:33]

In-ring: Sam Shaw was introduced to the ring for the next match. Shaw stirred some sort of beverage on the way to the ring before stopping at Christy's vacant announcer chair. Shaw used his eyes to quiz Jeremy Borash on where Christy is, then entered the ring. Mr. Anderson's music then played to bring out Shaw's Lockdown opponent.

Anderson appeared on-stage with mic in-hand. Anderson said Christy will be nowhere near this match because of Shaw, who freaked out internally in the ring. Anderson then introduced himself before doing an announcer voice introducing "creepy" Christy Shaw, followed by Eric Young, who was billed from Nashville. Shaw angrily pulled his creepy glove tighter on his fist and frowned as EY emerged on-stage to face Shaw. EY took his time making it to the ring, making Shaw stew even more.


Shaw turned his attention to yell at Anderson, allowing EY to roll up Shaw from behind for a close two count. The match continued with EY delivering ten corner punches. Shaw rubbed his chin and kind of smiled as he sold the effects, then kicked EY in the gut to take control. "Creepy b-stard" chant from the crowd, throwing Shaw off his game.

The match moved to the floor, where Shaw grabbed his warm beverage and threw it in EY's face. Shaw then went after Anderson as the bell sounded, apparently throwing out the match. Shaw choked the life out of Anderson, then placed him on the mat, almost showing mercy for Anderson. Shaw waited out a "Creepy Bastard" chant, then spoke into Anderson's face that he will now go claim what is rightfully his.

TNA cut backstage to show Christy Hemme covering her mouth in horror as she watched the events unfold on a TV monitor.

WINNER: EY via DQ at 2:20? Does it even matter in TNA?

Training Room: Davey Richards continued to sell a shoulder injury from Aries's chair attack. MVP said he's going to leave for a second, prompting the Wolves to act scared about their leader parting from their presence. MVP calmed them down, then gave Davey a pep-talk about showing toughness.

[Q4] [Commercial Break at 9:45]

Backstage: MVP went looking for Austin Aries. Agents got their TV time restraining MVP from Aries. MVP yelled at Aries about respect, then told him that he has no character. Aries smirked and sat back down in his locker room holding area.

Video Review: Kurt Angle vs. Ethan Carter III feud.

Backstage: Dixie Carter was talking to herself, then ECIII walked in for a conversation. Dixie told Carter to take out Angle at Lockdown. ECIII was more concerned about wrestling operations on the line at Lockdown, but Dixie assured him that MVP will regret the day he invested in this company.

Backstage: Sam Shaw was looking for Christy Hemme, calling out for her as if he were looking for a cat hiding behind a box.

[Commercial Break at 9:53]

Tonight: Magnus and Joe go face-to-face ahead of their TNA Title match at Lockdown.

Backstage: On to more important matters, Sam Shaw walked into the women's locker room. No sign of Christy Hemme, but Velvet Sky was there. After Velvet freaked out, she gave in to Shaw's demands to know where Christy is. The make-up room. Shaw smiled and walked off. On commentary, Tenay wondered where security is. Or, a step further to a lawsuit.

In-ring: Ethan Carter III marched down to the ring and demanded Kurt Angle's presence right now. Why? Because he's upset about being sucker-punched by his hero. ECIII said he knows Angle will benefit from their cage match on Sunday because Angle can use the cage as a weapon because Angle fears his submission wrestling. Notably, a leglock.

[Q5 -- second hour] ECIII continued that he beat Sting to become the new icon of wrestling. And this Sunday at Lockdown, he is going to defeat Angle at Lockdown to become the new face of American wrestling. Therefore, he will be dubbed the "American Icon."

Angle's music interrupted. Angle limped out on-stage dressed in street clothes. Somewhere, Jim Ross is shaking his head. Angle declared ECIII an "American A-Hole," then limped down to the ring to get a head-start on Lockdown. Angle hobbled into the ring, but ECIII bailed from the ring and marched up the ramp to the back. ECIII didn't even turn around to acknowledge Angle. Angle's music then played and he limped out of the ring toward the back.

Suddenly, ECIII re-emerged and attacked Angle. ECIII chopblocked Angle's knee, then rolled him into the ring. Angle struggled to his feet, then took a dropkick from ECIII. Carter followed with knee smashes before slapping on a twisting leglock. Ref Brian Hebner finally hit the ring to try to break it up. ECIII released, then Angle writhed in pain on the mat selling the knee. The announcers speculated that Angle's knee might be blown out. Taz said he will be shocked to see Angle at Lockdown in three days.

Training Room: MVP gave Davey Richards another pep-talk. MVP asked Davey to show his strong-style spirit, then Davey lowered the ice bag. Davey responded with a speech about his shoulder hurting, but at least he's breathing. So, he'll finish the match.

Up Next: Knockouts tag match.

[Commercial Break at 10:06]

Vignette: Kenny King in Las Vegas. His new nickname is "King of the Night." They showed King partying in Vegas.

In-ring: Heel knockouts Gail Kim, Lei'D Tapa, and Alpha Female were introduced to the ring. Chris Sabin rode to the ring on Alpha's shoulders. Velvet Sky's music then brought out Sabin's ex-girlfriend. Next was ODB, then Knockouts champion Madison Rayne.


3 -- KO champion MADISON RAYNE & VELVET SKY & ODB vs. GAIL KIM & LEI'D TAPA & ALPHA FEMALE (w/Chris Sabin) -- six-Knockouts tag match

There was no opening bell, so the match just kind of started. The unofficial match broke into chaos a few minutes in. Sabin and Sky then found themselves in the ring. Since it's an unofficial match, the ref allowed Sabin to remain in the ring and yell at Sky. Eventually, the faces came to Sky's aid, then Sky dropped Alpha for the pin and the win, getting revenge on Sabin's new female companion.

WINNER: Unofficial result of Team Sky around 4:10. Is that the end of the program now that Sky got revenge on Alpha? Meanwhile, Madison vs. Gail at Lockdown seemed very secondary.

Backstage: Sam Shaw approached a random man and asked where the make-up room is. "It's. Right. There," the man said after dramatically lowering his phone, apparently intimidated by Shaw's presence. Shaw kept walking.

[Commercial Break at 10:19]

Vignette: Jeff Hardy is creepy Willow. But, a different creepy than Sam Shaw. More mysteriously creepy than straight-forward creepy.

Backstage: Back to Sam Shaw, who approached the make-up room like a cat sneaking up on his prey. Shaw snapped on his glove, then found some red hair sitting in the make-up chair. Shaw called out to Christy, but it was Mr. Anderson wearing a wig. Anderson said hello, then punched Shaw in the face. Anderson drew circles on Shaw's forehead with lipstick, then told Shaw to leave Christy alone. Shaw breathed heavily as he recovered on the floor, but found solace in the red wig. Shaw then called out that he will see both of them on Sunday.

Video Review: James Storm vs. Gunner.

In-ring: Gunner came to the ring dressed in street clothes. Tenay asked what motivated Storm to turn his back on Gunner. Isn't that what last week's long-form promo segment set out to accomplish? In the ring, Gunner said a lot of things have changed for him the past few weeks. He said he lives by a code and does the best in every situation. Gunner said he experienced jealousy and rage from James Storm. Last week, they started a fight, but Storm ran away like a coward. But, at Lockdown, they're inside a steel cage. Gunner said Lockdown will be their battlefield.

[Q7] Storm's music interrupted to bring out James Storm dressed in a dark bandana and fancy-looking street clothes. Storm, standing on the entrance ramp, said he thinks Gunner is full of excuses. He told Gunner to pack a lunch at Lockdown because it will be an all-day ass-whipping. Gunner said that's what he wants because he has to prove something to Storm, everyone in the back, and the crowd that he's the toughest man in this company.

Storm entered the ring and Gunner said they should make it a Last Man Standing match inside the cage. Storm told "boy" that he's the man of this company because he's been World champion, something Gunner never will be. Storm told Gunner to pray to God before he enters the cage at Lockdown because he will cut him down. Storm then sucker-punched Gunner, doubling him over at the knees. Storm leaned down to measure Gunner, then cowboy-boot-kicked Gunner in the face. Storm bailed from the ring as Gunner tried to wake up on the mat.

Backstage: Bobby Roode asked ref Brian Hebner about Davey Richards's status.

Training Room: MVP taped up Davey Richards's shoulder to finish the match against Roode.

[Commercial Break at 9:34]

Back from break, Bobby Roode's music was playing. And Tenay delivered a sponsorship message about the opening match now continuing as the main event.

In the ring, Roode said it has been one hour, so it's obvious that "he" is too injured to compete. Roode demanded that his hand be raised in victory. Ref Brian Hebner called for the bell, then started a ten count.

1b -- DAVEY RICHARDS vs. BOBBY ROODE -- Man Advantage for Lethal Lockdown continuation

The ref got half-way to a ten-count, then The Wolves's music played to bring out MVP and The Wolves. Davey Richards stomped down to ringside favoring his shoulder, then sold determination to get in the ring. Suddenly, the bell sounded. Then, it sounded again despite this match starting with the count-out attempt.

WINNER: ??? at 1:20.

1c -- DAVEY RICHARDS vs. BOBBY ROODE -- Man Advantage for Lethal Lockdown continuation

Roode targeted Davey's injured shoulder, so Davey fired back by targeting Roode's left knee. Suddenly, TNA slipped in a mid-match voice-over from Tenay about the death of Billy Robinson. Back to the ring action, where Davey landed a suicide dive, but it also hurt his shoulder. Back in the ring, Davey scored a close two count. Roode tried to come back with a Roode Bomb, but Davey slid out for another close two count.

[Q8] Davey applied a single-leg crab, but he couldn't grip the hold because of his shoulder. So, Roode escaped, then measured Davey for the Roode Bomb again. This time, he connected. Roode then slapped on a Crossface submission, forcing Davey to tap out from the pain.

WINNER: Roode via submission at 5:24; Team Roode has the Man Advantage. Basic match story setting up the heels in control and MVP's team in trouble heading into the PPV.

Post-match: MVP and Eddie Edwards stormed the ring to chase off Roode and protect Davey.

Vignette: Tigre Uno is coming to TNA at Lockdown.

Dixie's Office: TNA World champ Magnus walked up to Dixie Carter to have a chat. Magnus wanted to talk about the big picture. Dixie told him to go out there and win the title match by himself at Lockdown.

Up Next: Magnus and Joe face-to-face.

[Commercial Break at 9:48]

Back from break, Tenay and Taz broke down the Lockdown PPV line-up for Sunday. Tenay said they could be three days away from a new TNA World champion.

TNA Title Match Showdown

In-ring: Joe's music played to bring out Samoa Joe for the final segment of the show. Tenay hyped Joe as being unstoppable as of late heading into Lockdown. Once in the ring, Joe called out, "Magnuuuuuuuuus!" Joe said if Magnus has one ounce of courage, he will come to the ring and face him in front of his countrymen.

Magnus's music played to bring out the TNA champ dressed in a suit and t-shirt with the TNA Title belt over his right shoulder. Once in the ring, Magnus told Joe that he should just know better. He accused Joe of turning his back on him, then told Joe that he's blown the opportunity to be the top star so many times. Magnus said his rage always causes him to blow it. Magnus got in Joe's face to tell him that he will take advantage of Joe's weakness at Lockdown.

Joe responded that everything Magnus said is absolutely true. But, his perspective is off. Joe said sometimes he wants to drink his opponents's pain and shed their blood. So, sometimes he blacks out and gets a little crazy. Joe noted the rules of pro wrestling are not conducive to his brand of violence. But, at Lockdown, it's Joe's Rules. Where it's Knockout or Tap-out. Joe noted Magnus is very good at one of those two things.

Joe warned Magnus about what will happen at Lockdown when Magnus enters the cage and the door is shut. He said Magnus won't walk out TNA champ. Nor, will he walk out at all. Magnus's eyes got real big taking that in, then tried to sucker-punch Joe. Joe responded with rapid-fire corner blows, then he slapped on the rear-naked choke. Magnus frantically tapped out, giving the visual for the PPV main event. Tenay said there will be a new champion if this happens Sunday.

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