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TNA Impact
CALDWELL'S TNA IMPACT RESULTS 7/4: Sabin wins X Title & tears it up with Aries, BFG Series continues, more from Vegas

Jul 5, 2013 - 5:35:04 PM


TNA Impact Results
July 4, 2013
Taped 6/29 in Las Vegas, Nev.
Episode #27 of 2013 airing on Spike TV
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

The second-half of TNA's 2013 campaign began with a recap of recent events, focusing on Main Event Mafia returning, X Division shenanigans, and Bully Ray paranoid about Suicide.

In the arena, Mike Tenay noted they are in Las Vegas tonight for the Fourth of July. Austin Aries's music then played to bring out the man possessing the X Division Title. On commentary, Tenay and Taz debated whether Aries is a con-man, going in circles until Aries took the mic in the ring.

Aries vowed to cash in this X Division Title in two weeks, then told Hulk Hogan to come out here and make the title match official. Once in the ring, Hogan said there's a checks & balances system here in TNA, so Aries is going to defend the X Title in the main event tonight.

One opponent is the man that Aries stabbed in the back, and he has a new name. Hogan said he is no longer Suicide, but Manik, which drew zero reception. T.J. Perkins - well, presumably - came out in the Suicide get-up, but without "SUICIDE" written across the gear. Chris Sabin was then introduced as Aries's other opponent. Principal Hogan told Austin that he has two dark clouds coming at him tonight in the main event.

Sabin then took the mic and offered his story about recovering from two torn ACLs to get back in the ring. He noted Aries is the "greatest scam that ever lived," then vowed to become X Division champion again tonight. Sabin's music played to conclude the segment.

Still to come: Main Event Mafia appearance, plus the BFG Series.

Backstage: The roving cameraman caught up with Kazarian to talk about facing A.J. Styles tonight. Daniels let Kaz get in some thoughts before telling the cameraman to shoo.

Hallway: A.J. Styles was shown walking down the hallway selling disinterest in his match.

[Commercial Break at 9:11]

[Q2] In-ring: Daniels and Kazarian were introduced dressed like Siegfried & Roy, complete with wigs and toy tigers. Kaz noted it's Throwback Thursday and he will make the TNA Title appear around his waist after winning the BFG Series. Out next was A.J. Styles to his depressing music.

1 -- A.J. STYLES vs. KAZARIAN (w/Daniels) -- BFG Series match

Styles quickly knocked the wig off Kazarian before dropkicking him through the ropes on the outside. Back in the ring, Styles rapid-fired Kaz with successive offense, prompting Daniels to try to encourage Kaz with the power of the stuffed tiger. But, Styles slapped on the Calf-Killer moments later. Kaz had to tap out.

WINNER: Styles via submission at 4:02 for 10 points.

Up Next Mickie James needs a ladder.

[Commercial Break at 9:23]

Locker Room: Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez were shown talking. Chavo gave Hernandez a pep-talk that he needs to get that TNA Title shot in the BFG Series, and he will be in his corner tonight.

In-ring: Hardcore Country was in the ring standing next to a ladder. As fans milled around facing the hard camera, Mickie James said she is standing next to this ladder to signal how she climbed, scratched, and crawled to get to the top. Mickie noted she's the one who is getting sponsorship deals, she is on the marquee, and she is the Knockouts champion.

Mickie said even though she beat Velvet Sky last week, all she keeps hearing about it is who will win this #1 contender ladder match next week. She told both Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell knock themselves out because neither one can beat her. Mickie said she will break their pretty little faces on each rung until she is standing on top of this division as she rightfully should be. "Boy, is she ever full of herself?" Tenay noted on commentary.

[Q3] Last Week: Bruce Prichard, Al Snow, and Danny Davis discussed the Gut Check deal last week. Snow and Prichard argued about trying to find stars when Prichard shoots down everyone Snow brings in.

Backstage: Prichard, Snow, and Davis were standing by with Big O and Ryan Howe. Prichard said he's nervous about this (because he was standing next to Snow wearing a ridiculous suit jacket?). Prichard milked his TV time before cutting Big O and sending Ryan Howe to his Gut Check later.

Parking Garage: Sting, Kurt Angle, and Samoa Joe were shown walking. Angle told the parking garage cameraman that the fourth member of Main Event Mafia will be revealed tonight. Taz said he's not worried...okay, maybe a little.

[Commercial Break at 9:34]

In-ring: Christy Hemme was standing by to introduce Jay Bradley for the next BFG Series match. Hernandez was introduced next, flanked by Chavo Guerrero, who was over-playing his excitement for Hernandez. So, when does Chavo turn on Hernandez? Semi-finals if Hernandez makes it that far?

2 -- JAY BRADLEY vs. HERNANDEZ -- BFG Series match

The two big men collided early and often mid-ring. Hernandez then headed to the entrance-ramp to get a running head-start on a flying shoulder tackle that connected. Hernandez followed with power offense until Jay thumbed him in the eye and did Chavo's bit tributing Eddie Guerrero. This angered Chavo - how dare someone else try to get over by tributing Eddie?! - then Chavo took out Jay behind the ref's back and Hernandez's back. Hernandez took advantage with the pin for the win.

WINNER: Hernandez at 3:11 to earn 7 points. More slow burn for Chavo turning on Hernandez.

Backstage: Bully Ray was shown addressing the other Aces & Eights members. Wes Brico then spoke up, wanting to know what's up with his "wife," Brooke Hogan. Ray tried to keep talking, but Knox shoved Wes in the back to ask for more details, especially it "being pretty crazy" that Brooke just got engaged. Ray said that's none of his business, then changed the subject. (In other words, TNA is still working on the "out," but they had to address Brooke getting engaged in real-life.) Ray then toasted some beers to no one in the X Division main event getting a TNA Title shot against him.

Still to come: X Division three-way match. Up Next: GunStorm vs. Bro-Mans in non-title match.

[Q4] [Commercial Break at 9:45]

In-ring: Robbie E. and Jessie, along with Tara, were introduced to the ring. Robbie, Jessie, and Tara experimented with a pose in the ring, then James Storm's music interrupted to bring out the Tag Champs.

3 -- TNA tag champions GUNSTORM (JAMES STORM & GUNNER) vs. BRO-MAN'S (ROBBIE E. & JESSIE GODDERZ w/Tara) -- non-title match

The Bros jumped the Guns from behind, so, this being TNA, the bell was called for despite an unclean start. The heels isolated Gunner, who escaped, slapped himself around, and tagged in Storm, who cleaned house. The action broke down moments later, then Robbie was cleared from the ring. In the ring, Gunner dropped Jessie with a uranage, then Storm and Gunner combined for a double-team neckbreaker/bodyslam for the pin and the win.

WINNERS: GunStorm at 3:04.

Up Next: Main Event Mafia is here. In what looked like a hotel hallway, Sting, Angle, and Joe were shown walking. They announce a new team member next.

[Commercial Break at 9:54]

Impact returned one minute before the top of the hour with a preview of Hardy vs. Joseph Park in the final BFG Series match tonight. In the video, Hardy noted he doesn't know much about Park. But, if he's anything like his brother, Abyss, he wants to get his points and get out of the ring.

Main Event Mafia segment

[Q5 -- second hour] In-ring: Sting and Kurt Angle came to the ring ready to talk business. Tenay noted the group has a Mission Statement to get rid of Aces & Eights, prompting Taz to say he's not impressed.

In the ring, Angle surveyed the crowd before declaring that the Main Event Mafia is back. Why? Destroy Aces & Eights. Make sure Bully Ray loses the TNA Title. Sting then howled and said the previous Main Event Mafia consisted of former World champs, which made for dissension because of big egos. So, they have gone a more practical route. Sting introduced Samoa Joe first.

In the ring, Joe shouted out to Las Vegas before noting the Mafia runs this town. Joe said that for the past 12 months, he's been a man of his own devices, but he's noticed lately that there's strengths in numbers. Joe said he figured he cannot beat up that many A&E cowards on his own, so he got a crew of people who specialize in beating up cowards. That's why he guarantees in this year's BFG Series, he will earn a title shot and beat Bully Ray to become TNA Champ.

Joe removed his shades to get serious about choking out Bully for the TNA Title. Joe handed the mic back to Angle, who let the crowd cheer for Joe before continuing. Angle said he picked Joe for the Mafia because of their history of matches that turned into respect. "Not to mention he's the baddest S.O.B." in TNA, Angle said.

Angle continued that Joe presented him with an idea for the fourth member. This man is not the present, but the here-and-the-now. "Magnus!" Angle shouted. Out came Magnus dressed in a designer suit and shades. Taz said he speaks for his brothers in Aces & Eights that there doesn't appear to be a qualification for Main Event Mafia other than dressing up and looking nice.

In the ring, Magnus said he sits atop the BFG Series leaderboard before listing the individual characteristics of Angle, Sting, and Joe. Magnus noted in 2012, he was put on the map through his association with and rivalry against the "most dangerous man" in TNA, Samoa Joe. (Not mentioned is that Joe sits just behind Magnus in the current BFG Series Standings, which A&E can use to pit Joe and Magnus against each other.)

Sting spoke next. Sting said they will be on-hand tonight during the main event to make sure there is an X Division Title match winner, then promised to be seen again on July 18 when the next TNA Title match takes place.

After Main Event Mafia left the ring and TNA plugged an App, Jeff Hardy was introduced for the next BFG Series match tonight. Hardy took a victory lap as Impact cut to break.

[Commercial Break at 10:10]

4 -- JEFF HARDY vs. JOSEPH PARK -- BFG Series match

Prior to the bell sounding, Park sold concern and trepidation having to face Hardy (or looking at Hardy's facepaint/bodypaint combination). So, Park offered a handshake, which Hardy accepted. Park scored with an early shoulder tackle, stunning both Park and Hardy. Hardy came back with a corner head scissors into the Twist of Fate. Hardy then removed his t-shirt and wanted a Swanton Bomb, but Park rolled out of the way to avoid. Taz noted perhaps he found a Twinkie in the corner and rolled toward it.

[Q6] Park followed up with a corner attack before whipping Hardy back-first into the corner. Hardy caught his breath on the mat before Park excited himself with another hard corner whip. Park sold not knowing how to follow up, though, then decided to corner-splash Hardy. Park again didn't know what to do, so he slapped on a reverse chinlock.

Hardy fought to his feet at 5:00 and made his trademark comeback. Hardy followed with a Twist of Fate attempt, but Park came out of nowhere with a fallaway slam. Park, stunned, then went to the middle rope and came off the turnbuckle with a big splash for a two count. Tenay said he's stunned that Hardy was able to kick out after that much weight came crashing down on him.

Park couldn't follow up, though, allowing Hardy to hit the Whisper in the Wind. Park then slowly got to his feet and discovered blood on his mouth. Park then got That Look and turned into Abyss. Suddenly, Park grabbed the ref and dropped the ref with a Black Hole Slam. Park did the Abyss pose before snapping out of his funk and surveying the damage. A second ref then came to ringside and called for the bell, DQ'ing Park. This gave Hardy three points and Park negative 10 points for a DQ loss.

Post-match, Park pleaded with the new ref that it wasn't him who took out the other ref. Meanwhile, Hardy did the "he's crazy" hand signal for the audience.

WINNER: Hardy via DQ at 8:05 to earn 3 points. This took "underdog Hardy" to new levels doing that much selling for Park.

Up Next: Ryan Howe faces Gut Check.

[Commercial Break at 10:24]

Back at 10:27, Tenay broke down the Events Center.

In-ring: Jeremy Borash was standing by with Bruce Prichard, Danny Davis, and Al Snow for Gut Check. Taz said it's sad how much this has fallen apart since he left the judges panel. JB then introduced Ryan Howe to no reaction. Ryan came out with guitar in-hand and said he absolutely gave his best performance last week.

[Q7] JB started the judging with Al Snow. Snow said he's watched Ryan develop and improve over time, then noted he thinks Ryan is crazy for wanting to wrestle when he's a great musician. Snow said his answer is no. JB then gave Ryan the chance to "kick out" on the microphone. A 30-second countdown clock flashed on the screen for Ryan to cut a promo over boos. Ryan said he showed heart last week and can entertain in ways not seen before. Taz sarcastically said he seems to be a fan-favorite with the crowd.

Danny Davis spoke next. Davis said these people have changed his mind because Ryan did not let the fans's boos affect him. So, his answer is yes. Time for Prichard to milk his TV time as the deciding vote. Prichard noted Ryan got a reaction from the audience, but this is Gut Check and the answer is no, which popped the crowd. Ryan sold disappointment as Taz quipped that Prichard likes giving bad news, so he's used to this role.

Backstage: Bully Ray told Aces & Eights to follow him to the ring to watch the main event. D.O.C. then pulled Ray aside and told him he can take out Main Event Mafia all by himself. Mr. Anderson laughed about this, then Bully told them to stop campaigning for the VP spot and focus on taking out Mafia, not talking about it.

Up Next: X Division Title three-way match.

[Commercial Break at 10:35]

Back from break, Aces & Eights's music played to bring out the heel faction led by Bully Ray. They were accompanied by local police to ensure no funny business. Suddenly, TNA cut to a video preview for Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell next week on Impact. Also next week, a Joker's Wild Tag Tournament and gauntlet.

In-ring: Chris Sabin was introduced as the first challenger in the main event. "Manik" was out next, followed by titleholder Austin Aries. Before the bell sounded, TNA cut to a wide-shot of Aces & Eights watching the match in the crowd area.

5 -- AUSTIN ARIES vs. CHRIS SABIN vs. MANIK -- X Division Title three-way match

Sabin and Manik double-teamed Aries early on.

[Q8] Aries found a way to get Sabin and Manik to the floor to stand alone in the ring, but Sabin re-entered from behind to rock Aries with right hand blows. But, Aries knocked Sabin to the entrance ramp and came off the ropes with an elbow to the head. Suddenly, Aces & Eights came through the guardrail to get a closer look at the action. Manik tried to splash D.O.C. on the outside, but D.O.C. caught him in mid-air and flowed into a powerbomb on the floor, taking out Manik.

Suddenly, Joe and Magnus led Main Event Mafia down to ringside for a confrontation. Impact cut to break with Tenay frantically wondering what's about to happen.

[Commercial Break at 10:49]

Back from break seven minutes before the top of the hour, Manik was shown being carried away from the ringside area on a stretcher. So, it's Sabin vs. Aries from here on out with Mafia surrounding the ring to ensure Aces & Eights does not get involved again. Sting made his way onto the ring apron, drawing an angry response from Aries. So, Sting answered with a spit, which carried over to Aries spitting in his hand and slapping the crap out of Sabin. This woke up Sabin, who rapid-fired Aries before kicking him in the face for a two count.

At 12:00, Sabin missed a corner attack and sold a knee injury. On cue, Aries took advantage by smashing the knee in the corner before coming off the top rope with a missile dropkick. Aries wanted the Brainbuster, but Sabin small-packaged Aries for a close two count. Aries tried again and this time he connected, but Sabin kicked out just before three.

Sabin followed with a Muta Lock, but Sabin reached the bottom rope for a break. Sabin came back with a powerbomb, but Aries kicked out. Sabin followed right up with Hail Sabin, but Aries kicked out again, stunning everyone. Taz said even Bully Ray is impressed. Sabin then tried Hail Sabin again, but Aries rolled through into a cradle for a two count. Both men then popped to their feet and collided.

[Over-run] After a reset, Aries took Sabin to the top rope, but Sabin countered with a Super Hail Sabin from the top rope. Sabin recovered, then pinned Aries for the three count. Taz said even he has to give it up for them after that battle.

WINNER: Sabin at 16:18 to capture the X Division Title. That was a fantastic conclusion once it became one-on-one, which is how X Division Title matches should be. TNA scratched X Division Ref Cam, now they need to scratch three-way title matches. Just build to straight-up one-on-one battles and let two men battle in the ring. Overall, Sabin and Aries delivered action that overcame the MEM and A&E window-dressing since TNA does not have confidence in the X Division to keep an audience by themselves. But, their presence did add a certain element of importance to the match, so it's a wash. (***1/2)

Post-match, Main Event Mafia continued to surround the ring to make sure Aces & Eights didn't try to attack Sabin. After Sabin recovered, he received his TNA Title belt and stood tall in the ring glaring down at Bully. Sabin then took the mic and said Ray might be looking at the new TNA World champion. Ray disagreed and let Sabin know it, then Sabin held up his X Title belt to match Ray's title belt as Impact signed off two minutes past the top of the hour.

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