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TNA Impact
CALDWELL'S TNA IMPACT RESULTS 5/16: Sting & Bully contract signing, X Title match, many Slammiversary developments

May 16, 2013 - 11:00:28 PM


TNA Impact Results
May 16, 2013
Taped 5/9 in Tupelo, Miss.
Episode #20 of 2013 airing on Spike TV
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

This week's TNA Impact opened with a video package documenting recent events, including "Angle" confronting A.J. Styles. Apparently Angle no longer has a first-name, or the voice-over announcer is being too casual introducing the show. Meanwhile, Abyss returned to attack Aces & Eights.

Arena: After Todd Keneley introduced the show, Hulk Hogan's music played to bring out Hogan on-stage. As Hogan hit the ring, TNA cut to various crowd reactions and one kid holding up a Hogan buddy doll from the '80s.

In the ring, Hogan told A.J. Styles to go ahead and join Aces & Eights if he wants, but "who cares." Hogan then booked Styles vs. Angle at Slammiversary. And, by the way, tonight, they're going to have the contract signing for the TNA World Title match at Slammiversary.

Hogan continued that TNA has been under the microscope as of late, then Abyss returned to save the day. Hogan called out Abyss to shake his hand, but no sign of Abyss once his music played. Abyss's music stopped, then Hogan re-asked him to come out. Instead, Joseph Park emerged and walked to the ring.

The crowd didn't know what to make of this development as Park took the mic. Park said he sat on his couch last week and was shocked to find out that Abyss returned. Park told a stunned Hogan that he can't believe Abyss was here. Hogan said he's not playing, then asked for Abyss right now.

Instead, the Aces & Eights's music played to bring out Devon and D-Lo Brown dressed in a t-shirt. The duo hit the ring, then Devon demanded Abyss come out here to get some because Abyss wasn't even the legal man last week in the six-man tag match. Park interrupted and demanded Devon talk nice to Hogan. Devon replied that "fat boy" needs to back down. Park stuck his chest out to respond that Aces & Eights is really starting to piss him off. Park then mustered the courage to book a match right here, right now.

Park removed his jacket to challenge Devon, but Devon told him to shut up because he's the TV champion and Park hasn't proven himself. Brown then spoke up that he wants Park tonight. Hogan liked it and made it official, warning Brown to be careful what he wishes for. Devon then told Park that when he finds Abyss, he will take a chunk out of Abyss's ass. Hogan replied that after Park beats D-Lo, he's going to give Park the greenlight to tear up Devon any time he wants. So, he will be dealing with the entire Park family, brother. The two sides had a staredown as Hogan's music played.

Backstage: James Storm was shown squatting on the floor sipping a beer. A roving cameraman asked Storm for some words on his actions last week and what he plans to do next. Storm simply and quietly said, "Watch. Just watch."

[Commercial Break]

[Q2] Gut Check video: Christian York.

In-ring: Christy Hemme was standing by to introduce Bobby Roode for a singles match. Roode slowly made his way down the entranceramp staring down each crowd member before entering the ring to pose in the corner. Techo music then brought out one-half of the TNA tag champions, Chavo Guerrero. No sign of Austin Aries or Hernandez backing their respective tag partners.

1 -- TNA tag champion CHAVO GUERRERO vs. BOBBY ROODE

When the bell sounded, Keneley plugged Impact returning to 9:00 p.m. EST starting May 30. The match moved to the floor early on, where Roode whipped Chavo into the guardrail before rolling him back into the ring. Roode then went on the attack as Taz yelled at Mike Tenay on commentary.

Chavo came back with the Three Amigos suplexes before climbing to the top rope for a frogsplash, but Roode crotched him. Chavo rolled to the floor, then James Storm started walking to the ring. Storm entered the ring with beer in-hand, then spewed beer in Roode's face, causing a DQ and costing Chavo the match.

Post-match, Storm glared down at Roode with beer bottle in-hand, then Roode rolled out of the ring. Storm then left the ring spitting down at the floor.

WINNER: Roode via DQ at 4:30. So, is Storm in a program with Aces & Eights, A.J. Styles, or Bobby Roode? Fitting since Storm's character has been all over the place in 2013.

Backstage: Kurt Angle was shown walking down the hallway. Angle is calling out A.J. Styles next.

[Commercial Break]

[Q3] Video Package: Aces & Eights has tried to recruit A.J. Styles, but Styles has not committed to either A&E or TNA.

In-ring: Kurt Angle marched to the ring with thoughts ready to be shared. In the ring, Angle said you can't trust anyone in TNA anymore, and he never backs down from a fight. But, A.J. backed away from a fight with him, which pissed him off. So, Hogan booked them against each other at Slammiversary. But, he doesn't want to wait for Slammiversary because he wants to do it right here in Tupelo, Mississippi.

After Angle called out Styles, Aces & Eights's music played instead. Taz said they'r shifting gears. Mr. Anderson emerged from the back entrance and Keneley said it's typical A&E sticking their nose in someone else's business. Once in the ring, Anderson cockily paced the ring before accusing Angle of sounding like a woman. Anderson then did his announcer voice claiming that next week on Impact, Styles will be patched in to Aces & Eights. "And I dare you to show up (laughs)," Anderson said. "You're going to get destroyed, boy."

Angle smiled to himself, then told Anderson, "I don't wanna wait until next week to fight." Angle punched Anderson, who bailed from the ring, then A.J. Styles emerged over the guardrail. Styles waited for Angle to turn around in the ring, then smirked at him. Angle trash-talked Styles, who responded with a Pele Kick to the head. Styles then flipped his hood and left the ring down the entrance ramp as Taz excitedly said he can't wait to see Styles patched in next week.

[Commercial Break]

Moments Ago: Angle punched out Anderson, then Styles kicked Angle in the head. The face announcers played dumb wondering if Styles is really part of Aces & Eights.

Gut Check video: Jay Bradley talked about getting paid to beat people up in the ring. Bradley just has the presence of a Superstar. "I'm not here to just be a name on a website," Bradley said. "Take notes, boys, my time is coming."

In-ring: Christy Hemme introduced Jay Bradley, who marched to the ring with one hand in the air as the announcers presented the next match as a Bound for Glory Series tournament qualifying match. Christian York was out next to face Bradley.


As the match started, Taz hyped Bradley have an "it" factor, even when he said "no" to Bradley back when Bradley was a Gut Check contestant. In the ring, Bradley dominated York early on. York came back with a cannonball splash in the corner, then wanted the Moodswing, but Bradley had it scouted and backed away. Bradley tried to follow with some weak-looking right hands, but York absorbed, then took Bradley to the corner. But, York could not follow up. Bradley then hit his Boomstick Stan Hansen lariat for the pin and the win.

WINNER: Bradley at 3:58. Bradley wasn't super-smooth in the ring, especially with his right hand strikes, but he just a unique presence and Superstar-quality that makes him a worthwhile addition to the show.

[Q4] Post-match, Christy Hemme interviewed Bradley about his victory. Bradley said if he were to qualify for the BFG Series, it would mean he is one step closer to being TNA World champ, which drew boos. Bradley then left to the back.

Still to come: Sting-Bully Ray contract signing.

Backstage: Gail Kim and Velvet Sky were shown in separate camera shots walking toward the arena for Knockouts action next.

[Commercial Break]

Backstage: James Storm was shown leaving Hulk Hogan's office. Storm sarcastically told the roving cameraman that Hogan told him his actions have consequences. He complained about not being able to take matters into his own hands. When asked what he plans to do next, Storm simply said, "Keep watching."

Backstage: Mr. Anderson confidently talked to the C-Level Aces & Eights members about feeling confident that he will be patching in A.J. Styles next week. Anderson then gave D-Lo Brown a pep-talk about taking out Joseph Park tonight. Anderson then led the group down the hallway.

In-ring: Gail Kim, then Knockouts champion Velvet Sky were introduced to the ring for the next match. Impact cut to break before the match started.

[Commercial Break]

Backstage: Brooke Hogan was shown talking to Mickie James. Brooke talked up Mickie's wrestling and musical careers, prompting Mickie to request more of a spotlight at Slammiversary. Brooke said she had to book Taryn Terrell and Gail for Slammiversary, but she knows how important things are for Mickie. So, Brooke booked Mickie in another title match against Velvet, this time next week on Impact.

As Mickie walked off, Bully Ray suddenly interrupted and cornered his "wife," Brooke. Ray told Brooke to send Hulk a message that tonight's encounter with Sting will be more of a contract negotiation, not a contract signing. Brooke told Bully to negotiate a divorce, but Ray reminded her that it's death 'til they part. Brooke, agitated, sighed and walked off.

[Q5 -- second hour]

3 -- Knockouts champion VELVET SKY vs. GAIL KIM -- non-title match -- ODB special referee

The bell sounded at the top of the hour with Gail quickly taking control of the match. Gail targeted Sky's vulnerability, her knee, but could not put the champ away. Gail tried to go back to a kneebar submission, but Velvet found an opening to roll up Gail for the pin and the win.

Post-match, Gail attacked the knee and went for her now-signature figure-four leglock around the ringpost to take out the champ. But, ODB made the save before Gail could inflict further damage.

WINNER: Velvet at 6:21. Fine set-up for Mickie to stop playing nice and take advantage of Sky's "injury" next week on Impact.

Video Package: Chris Sabin and Kenny King exchanged verbal blows setting up their X Division Title match tonight. But, there's an unnecessary third party in the match tonight. That's Petey Williams, who was given a quick soundbyte in the video package.

[Commercial Break]

Video Package: Suicide can't take this anymore. No more misery. No more suffering. This is the end of Suicide's torment. Suicide returns next week.

In-ring: Christy Hemme introduced the X Division Title match up next. Petey Williams was already in the ring, reinforcing his role as the third wheel. Chris Sabin was also already in the ring. And, Kenny King was already in the ring, with TNA having cut out ring introductions. Before the bell sounded, King vowed to punch Sabin in the face.


4 -- X Division champion KENNY KING vs. CHRIS SABIN vs. PETEY WILLIAMS -- three-way X Division Title match

Once the bell sounded, King dropped to the floor to force Sabin and Petey to battle to begin the match. Exit Petey and enter King, who squared off with Sabin to continue their budding feud. Four minutes in and no use of the referee camera, making it seem like ref Stiffler wore the goofy-looking coal-miner's cap as a rib.

The pace picked up with wrestlers in and out of the ring, then Petey scored consecutive nearfalls on King. Petey wanted the Canadian Destroyer, but Sabin clotheslined Petey. All three men were in the ring leading to Sabin giving Petey a fireman's carry slam into King's gut. But, Sabin could not score a pinfall, allowing King to drop Petey with the Royal Flush for the pin and the win.

WINNER: King at 7:17. Good action for the most part, but the three-way format is more of a distraction than enhancement to the action. And, perhaps this is he end of the ref-cam experiment, at least until TNA finds an HD-quality feed to put on Stiffler's head.

Locker Room: Daniels and Kaz gave each other a pep-talk.

Still to come: Ray-Sting contract signing.

[Commercial Break]

Backstage: D-Lo Brown thanked Mr. Anderson for saving him last week. Anderson told him to save his thanks because he didn't do it for Brown, but for the Club. Brown said things have been spiraling out of control for him. Anderson said Brown screwed up when he buried Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff, who are both trying to step up in the business. Brown admitted to messing up, then Anderson said he's pulling for him.

In-ring: Christy Hemme introduced Christopher Daniels for singles action up next. Daniels and Kazarian danced to the ring, then techno music brought out TNA tag champion Hernandez for singles action.


5 -- CHRISTOPHER DANIELS (w/Kazarian) vs. TNA tag champion HERNANDEZ

Hernandez executed a delayed vertical suplex early on as Taz encouraged Hernandez to rip out Daniels's voice-box. Hernandez then left the ring to the entrance ramp and built a head of steam to clear the top rope for a big flying shoulder tackle. Daniels then used outside interference from Kazarian to gain control of the match. On the outside, Kazarian kicked around Hernandez while Daniels distracted the easily-distracted referee Brian Hebner.

Back in the ring, Hernandez made a comeback with clotheslines before tossing Daniels across the ring. Hernandez rallied the crowd, but then missed a big corner splash. Suddenly, James Storm appeared on the entrance ramp and slowly began walking to the ring, distracting Daniels. Storm stopped short of entering the ring, though, allowing Hernandez to smash Daniels with The Pounce for the pin and the win.

WINNER: Hernandez at 4:30.

Post-match, Storm demanded Hernandez's music be cut off, then Storm cut a promo about Hogan telling him to make the following announcement. Storm said at Slammiversary, there will be a Tag Title match with Chavo & Hernandez defending against Aries & Roode...and Daniels & Kazarian. And...a guy who knows something about tag wrestling, himself, and a partner of his choice. "No!!!" Daniels shouted.

Up Next: Joseph Park vs. D-Lo Brown in singles action.

[Commercial Break]

In-ring: Five-Hour Energy was announced as the sponsor of this week's main event. Out first was D-Lo Brown representing one-half of a nationally-televised main event in 2013. Representing the other half of a nationally-televised main event in 2013 was out-of-shape Joseph Park dressed in a track-suit with towel in-hand.


The match started with Brown begging Park to come fight him, but Park turned his back to play to the crowd. Park eventually turned around to face Brown like a man, but Brown quickly knocked him down with right hand blows. Brown delivered a suplex, prompting Taz to note it requires a lot of strength to lift up an out-of-shape person like Park. Brown then elbowed Park to the outside as Taz noted Park is "extremely delusional" for thinking he's a pro wrestler.

Back in the ring, Brown kicked Park at the knees to continue the assault. Brown followed with a Shining Wizard, prompting Taz to offer a back-handed compliment about that being impressive for a man of Brown's girth. Park suddenly rolled up Brown, but it was only good for a nearfall. Brown then resumed control. As the match continued, Taz covered for Brown not being able to put away Park early on, saying Brown has a lot on his mind right now.

[Q8] The match continued with Brown striking Park in the forehead. Brown found blood on his fists, then Park woke up and realized he was bleeding. Park suddenly started to shake and get That Look in his eyes. Park did Abyss's hand-motion before clotheslining Brown across the ring. Black Hole Slam from Park, stunning the announcers, and it was good for the pin. "I - I - I - I - I can't believe that just happened, D-Lo," Taz said. Taz said Bully Ray will not be happy with D-Lo after this.

WINNER: Park at 4:42.

Backstage: Sting and Bully Ray were shown walking down the hallway in separate camera shots. Their contract signing is next.

[Commercial Break]

Back from break nine minutes before the top of the hour, the announcers broke down the updated Slammiversary PPV line-up. Included for the X Division is King vs. Sabin vs. Suicide in a three-way Ultimate X match.

In-ring: Jeremy Borash, wearing a tuxedo, was standing by at a contract podium to introduce the main event segment of the show. Out first was TNA World champion Bully Ray, who knocked fists with Taz on the way to the ring. Once in the ring, Ray held up the TNA Title belt for the hard-camera before shoving down JB. That was a hard shove. Ray then took the mic and asked the crowd if they know who he is.

Ray paced the ring and introduced himself as a New Yawker, which drew boos. Ray reminded everyone that he is the TNA World champ before noting that he is the guy who defeated Jeff Hardy, took Hardy out, and will defeat Sting at Slammiversary. Before Sting came out, Ray told him that this will be more of a contract negotiation than signing. He then told "brother" Sting to come on down.

Sting emerged on-stage six minutes before the top of the hour. Before Sting entered the ring, Ray demanded that Sting's music be shut off. He wanted this to be made official, so Ray called out his "dad," Hulk Hogan, to oversee this signing.

Hogan emerged on-stage with a puzzled look on his face. Hogan then folded his arms and posed on-stage as his music stopped. Back in the ring, Ray said this is actually the first time they have been face-to-face since he screwed him over. And Hogan. And Hogan's daughter. Ray said Sting is probably looking for an apology, but he ain't getting one.

Sting responded that he doesn't want Ray's apology. He then told Ray that when they get to Boston, Ray should dislocate his elbow, gouge his eyes out, and make him bleed. "What the hell is wrong with you?" Ray shouted. Sting replied that it's because if Ray doesn't do it to him, then he will do it or Ray, which caused Ray to back down a little.

Sting said he doesn't care if it's in the stands, rafters, or crowd because he's going to make Ray bleed in Boston. They came face-to-face, then Sting gave Ray a demand: No Holds Barred match. Ray thought this over and said he bets everyone would love to see him bleed at Sting's hands. So, Sting has his No Holds Barred match. On one condition. Sting agrees - swears and signs - that when he beats Sting in Boston, Sting never, ever wrestles for the World Title again.

Hogan tried to interrupt, but Ray told Hogan to shut up because he's tired of listening to him. Ray said he doesn't want Sting to retire, but to agree to never challenge for the TNA Title again so that Sting will have to wrestle for the rest of his life watching him hold the TNA Title. Hogan spoke up that he runs this show, not Ray. He told Sting not to do it. Ray responded that there goes Hogan telling him what to do again. Ray then asked Sting what his answer is. "Yes," Sting firmly said.

Ray shoved Sting, then Sting responded with right hands. Sting and Bully exchanged right hand blows as Keneley plugged next week's Impact in Tampa. Impact then went off the air with Bully and Sting continuing to trade right hand blows.

[ JC: Credit Sting for bringing some emotion to the table to try to pitch TNA's next PPV main event. Sting should not be in the TNA Title picture at this stage of his career, but he did the best he could to sell the match under the circumstances. ]

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