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KELLER'S TNA IMPACT REPORT 10/27: James Storm's speech about winning World Title, Brother Ray vs. Jeff Hardy, RVD vs. Daniels

Oct 28, 2011 - 3:49:34 PM


OCTOBER 27, 2011


-The show opened with clips of James Storm talking backstage after his TNA World Hvt. Title win last week. He said now it's his turn after years of waiting, staying loyal, and watching TNA grow. He said he knew he couldn't out-wrestle Kurt Angle, but everybody makes a mistake and he capitalized on it. Regarding how short the win was, he said: "It only takes three seconds to beat somebody; I don't need to stay out there 30 minutes, I don't need to stay out there an hour. Three seconds is all I need." He dedicated his win to his dad who died when he was 12 years old. He said if this is a dream and someone wakes him up from it, he will punch him right in the face. Great line.

-A video package then aired on Storm as he walked out onto the stage to his new custom theme song. The caption said: James Storm - World Heavyweight Champion.

(WK Reax: This is great that Impact headlines with a singular focus on the World Title last week. No images of Sting, Hulk Hogan, Dixie Carter, Eric Bischoff, Garett Bischoff (!), etc.)

Storm entered the ring talked about watching WrestleMania III with his dad. He said he told his dad that one day he wanted to become a wrestling champion. He said people said he wasn't big enough, fast enough, pretty enough, and doesn't kiss enough ass. "Cowboy James Storm don't kiss nobody's damn ass," he said. "Growing up we played football, we went to NASCAR, and we watched professional wrestling - and, Dad, I'm a champion." He held up the belt.

Storm said he couldn't have done it without the fans who supported him and helped make his dream come true. He said there's another group of guys he wants to bring out and say something to. He called Fortune to the ring. Out walked Robert Roode, A.J. Styles, and Kaz. Storm told Roode he got screwed at Bound for Glory so he got an idea while getting drunk at the bar last night. He offered Roode the first title shot. Roode smiled. Samoa Joe's music then played and he marched to the ring.

Joe said he used to be part of this little group, fighting against the system that held them all done. He congratulated Storm for transcending that and becoming the World Champion. He said for all of his self-righteousness and preaching for the boys and the fans, he sees the same four scumbags that he did before he got the belt. He said he sees another Bischoff and Immortal trying to keep it all in the family. He said knowing his background, that shouldn't be difficult (inbred joke). He said after giving a title shot to Roode, who's next? Frankie (Kaz), A.J., and then "your cousin Elmer?" Joe said he'll prove everyone wrong and give the title shot to the most dominant force ever to step foot in TNA, the Samoan Submission Machine. The crowd booed.

Storm said Joe may see him as a dumb redneck, but when he looks at Joe, he sees a dumb bitch. Storm said he already had his opportunity and that window is closed. Storm said after Roode, maybe he will give the shots to Kaz and A.J. Now that seemed to upset Roode a little bit, since Storm just blatantly assumed openly that he'd retain the title against him. Roode stiffened up and glared at Storm, but without being cartoonishly obvious. The director did cut to a brief close-up of Roode as Storm said Joe got beat by Crimson at BFG and Roode two months ago. He asked why he thinks he gets to jump his dumb ass to the front of the line. Joe said he's about to give a title shot to a man who already failed miserably.

Sting then walked out onto the stage. Mike Tenay said he's the new authority figure. Sting said he's there to settle disputes. He said he has decided to match Joe vs. Roode and the winner faces Storm for the World Title next week in Macon, Ga.

(WK Reax: Interesting to see Samoa Joe inserted into this picture. Nice drawing on the history of all of them. It's also a strong way to build a TV main event with something on the line. Sting, though, seemed a little weak in his first major decision since he seemed to hand Joe a chance to earn a World Title shot simply because he walked out claimed he deserved it. I'd have liked to have heard Sting explain why Joe deserved equal standing to Roode. Why does Roode have to go through Joe to get another title match when he was clearly screwed and Joe hasn't exactly been on a winning streak. What made Sting look like a poor leader, though, can be used as motivation for a Roode heel turn.)

-Tenay and Taz hyped Jeff Hardy vs. Bully Ray, billed as Hardy's first match since March. Also, Tara vs. Gail Kim.

-Backstage Christopher Daniels said he did not say "I Quit" to A.J. Styles. He claimed Styles doctored the audio to make it sound like he said that. Daniels said Styles can't beat him, nor can RVD, and he'll show him that next. [c]

(WK Reax: It's that simple. Have a heel make an absurd claim and a cocky boast to set up a TV match. Daniels's delivery as a heel remains particularly easy to dislike, so he's doing his job.)



Daniels was ridiculously happy with himself after shoulder blocking RVD to the mat in the opening seconds. He cartwheeled over RVD and then went into a jackknife pin attempt. Styles joined Tenay and Taz on commentary. Styles said he'd rather be in the ring beating the piss out of Daniels. Taz said he could do that; it'd be fine by them. RVD avoided a Best Moonsault EVer and then took control. Daniels avoided an RVD top rope Five-Star move, but RVD adjusted and landed on his feet. Daniels went to the floor. RVD slidekicked him into the railing. RVD hit a leaping spin wheel kick off the ring apron onto Daniels who was teetering over the ringside barrier. RVD was slow to get up, too. Daniels crawled over and grabbed a tool box under the ring and hit RVD with it, getting himself DQ'd. Taz said, "That's what a coward does!"

WINNER: RVD via DQ in 4:00.

-Afterward Styles charged out to stop Daniels from attacking RVD further. Daniels fled the scene like he had just stolen a stereo from a car and the car owner showed up and was chasing him with a tire iron. RVD and Styles walked to the back together.

-They showed Karen Jarrett, Gail Kim, and Madison Rayne headed to the entrance tunnel. [c]


-Karen, Gail, Madison Rayne, and Traci walked to the ring. Tenay said he still can't get over Gail's actions last week. "So unlike her," he said. Taz said he thinks it's great that Gail Kim is back. Gail insisted on speaking first. She said first of all everyone can stop with the emails, Tweets, and texts asking her "Why Gail? Why!?" She said it's none of their damn business. She said she doesn't owe anyone an explanation. She if they want to know why the goody-two-shoes Gail Kim said the reason she gave Velvet Sky a concussion last week and sent her home is because she got tired of doing whatever everyone told her to do, "first in TNA, and then continuing on in another company." She said it would have probably happened if she didn't listen to Karen Jarrett, someone who finally had her better interests in mind. She said Karen made her realize it's not about the company you work for or the fans "who never put a dime in my pocket, it's about me. It's about me being the center of attention." She said now it's all about her being treated as the main eventer she is and always will be.

Karen told Gail that she promised her that if she came back to the Impact Zone and stood by her side, it would all pay off, so at Turning Point she will get her Knockout Title shot at "that prostitute Velvet Sky." Karen said the sooner they get the belt off of Sky and around her waist, the better off they will all be. Gail promised not to let her down. Gail asked for a "piece of fresh meat" so she can show off her greatness. Out came Tara.

(WK Reax: Good debut heel promo from Kim in terms of delivery and establishing her motivation. It did follow the tired pattern of people going from WWE to TNA complaining in their first promo about how they were treated poorly or held back in WWE, but that aside, she definitely seemed to enjoy taking on the heel persona.)

2 -- TARA vs. GAIL KIM

Taz and Tenay talked up Tara's credentials. Kim attacked Tara at ringside. She dominated at the start and threw her to ringside. Karen didn't like when Traci checked on Tara's condition at ringside. They cut to an early break at 1:00. [c] After the break, Kim remained in control and dominated until winning clean.

WINNER: Kim in 8:00.

-Jeff Hardy said backstage it's been a long time since he's faced Bully Ray, but they go way back. He said tonight is a big test for him to see if he can still do what he used to do, and maybe do it better.

-Elsewhere backstage Ric Flair told Eric Bischoff as they arrived that he needs to deal out some tough love like he did with his kids. [c…]

[Q4] […c]

3 -- ERIC YOUNG vs. ROBBIE E. (w/Rob Terry) -- TV Title Match

Young wore two title belts to the ring. Taz said he wants Young to shave that beard. Young hit an early belly-to-belly suplex that Taz compared to Magnum T.A. Young scored a pin with a crucifix in about a minute.

WINNER: Young in 1:00 to retain the TV Title.

-Afterward Terry attacked Young from behind, then held him for Robbie to punch in the gut. Robbie called for one more shot. Then he kneed him in the gut. As Robbie and Terry walked toward the stage, Young got up gasping and told them he had something to say. He said: "You punched me in my stomach. Who does that?" That's funny. He said he's never been accused of being the smartest guy, but he is a man of his word. He said now that Terry got involved, he has to bring in the Hollywood heavies. He said in Macon, Ga. he'll bring in Jersey Shore's Ronnie.

-They showed Bischoff marching toward the entrance set backstage. [c]

-Backstage Daniels told someone named Bill on his cell phone he'd be happy to do a podcast with Colt, but he wanted a contract written so he can sign it and get his title shot. Kaz walked in and told Daniels that all of this has to stop. He told him to do him a favor and talk to him friend to friend. Daniels said he'd call him when he gets home and work it out. He said they need to put it to bed.

-Elsewhere Bully Ray asked Jeff Hardy if he pissed in Sting's cornflakes because his first match back is against him, the one guy who knows him better than anybody else. He said they've fought all over the world and he's the one guy who can make his first match back his last match. He said he never respected Jeff "because rehab is for quitta's."


-Garett Bischoff said backstage that he did everything his dad told him to do the last 18 months and he had him brainwashed. They showed footage of Matt Morgan covering Jeff Hardy for a pin, but Garett didn't count to three. He said he felt he had to do what his dad, Eric, said because he was helping him. He said he grew up idolizing his father, but now he sees him for what he is. He said when he saw Bischoff pick up the chair and hit Sting, he knew he had to stand up to him. He said he didn't want to hit his dad, but he couldn't help himself.

-Eric Bischoff walked to the ring. He said he tries to keep his personal and professional lives separate, but his son has made it difficult. He called his son to the ring for a father-son chat. After a pause, Bischoff said he doesn't like it when people are late. Garett walked onto the stage and to the ring. Eric told Garett that he's willing to forgive that he punched him. He told him not to look at the fans cheering him, but rather into his eyes because his future is in front of him. He told him that he raised him to follow in his footsteps. "Hell, I conceived you so you could follow in my footsteps," he said. "I did not waste perfectly good semen for someone who was going to fail me when I needed him most."

Eric said when he first followed him into the AWA wrestling studios in Minneapolis when he was four years old and he allowed him to learn the business from the inside out, he learned more about the business by accident than most who were in it. When Garett opened his mouth, Bischoff called him a punk and told him not to dare interrupted him. He said he believed he would grow up to do the right thing and be dependable, but instead he let him down and embarrassed the Bischoff family going back generations. He said as pissed off as he is right now, he could kick his ass in front of everyone to get even. "I'm not going to do that quite yet," he said. Instead he said he would give him what he doesn't usually give people. He said he is one ruthless son of a bitch. Bischoff told him not to keep trying to talk, but then handed him the mic. Garett said he doesn't want things to go down this way. Eric said he doesn't care what he wants "you selfish little prick." He said he'll do one of two things - either come out at the end of the night and apologize to him in front of everyone or he'll kick his ass. "You decide, Punk." Garett soaked up the words as Eric left the ring.

-Backstage Flair said he's going to go find Garett and teach him about respect. [c]


-Flair approached Garett backstage. Garett said, "Mr. Flair." Flair replied: "No, no, it's not Mr. Flair, it's God." He told him not to be sorry, just remember his name. Flair said this business needs young men, not a disrespectful little punk like him. He said he saw what went down between he and his dad. He said he doesn't have what it takes to be where his father has already been, and that's what's wrong with the business. He said the business is breaking in guys who couldn't walk in his shoes 30 years ago. When Garett tried to talk, Flair told him it's not his turn to talk. Flair said Garett needs his ass kicked in front of the world to teach him respect. He started shoving him. Garett backed off and cowered submissively.

(WK Reax: Eric is a strong heel character in that he's very convincingly unlikable. So far Garett is also a sympathetic target for both Eric and Flair.)

-A video package aired on Jeff Hardy asking for one more chance. Footage aired of him with his wife and baby. Then clips aired of the Jeff Hardy-Jeff Jarrett angle at Bound for Glory.

-Jeff Jarrett walked out with Karen. Jarrett ranted about how Hardy has let everyone down. He said Keith Mitchell forgot one piece of footage, footage of Hardy vs. Sting earlier this year. He also asked him to air footage of Jeff Hardy at Victory Road 2006, but they can't because Hardy didn't show up for the main event. Hardy then charged into the ring and attacked Jarrett. Security quickly separated them. Bully Ray hit Hardy from behind with a chain. The ref called for the bell. Tenay said he did so "reluctantly. How about he doesn't ring the bell and instead gives Hardy a chance to recover. Wouldn't that make just a little sense?


Bully continued to beat on Hardy as the match officially began. They cut to a break a minute in. [c] After the break, Hardy made a comeback with a Whisper in the Wind out of nowhere, but Ray fired right back with a boot as Hardy rebounded off the ropes. Ray sold the Whisper for a few seconds as Hardy lay flat on his back in the ring. Ray then settled into a nerve hold. Tenay plugged that Ronnie from "Jersey Shore" will be on Impact next week, plus Storm faces the winner of the Joe-Roode match next. At 6:00 Hardy elbowed out of a nerve hold, but Ray pounded him back to the mat quickly.


Hardy came back with a legdrop off the ropes for a two count. Ray came back with a backdrop, but missed a splash mid-ring. Hardy then nailed the Twist of Fate out of nowhere, then climbed to the top rope and nailed the Swanton for the win.

WINNER: Hardy in 9:00.


(WK Reax: Nice showing for Hardy, taking a beating early and making a flashy sudden comeback. If they're not ready to push Ray into a World Title feud, and they're trying to send a message that Hardy is back, this was the right finish.)

-Christie Hemme interviewed Hardy at ringside afterward. He said he's off to a good start on his return. He told the fans he "welcomes each and every one of you back into my life." He said his win over Bully Ray is impressive, giving props to his opponent. Jarrett snuck up and attacked Hardy at ringside. Ray then nailed Hardy with a chain across his throat. Ray then set up a table mid-ring. The heels set up Hardy for a powerbomb through a table, but Mr. Anderson ran out for the save. The production guy didn't do Anderson any favors, playing his music as he ran out, taking away the element of surprise. Ray and Jarrett fled to the back.

(WK Reax: I miss silent run-ins where the fans increasingly cheered as they noticed the face running out, rather than having the music play right on cue as the wrestler runs out for the save. It seems choreographed or overproduced.)

-Roode talked backstage about having a chance to beat Joe and get another shot at fulfilling his dream.

(WK Reax: When Roode turns heel, he's going to make a good one.) [c]

5 -- ROBERT ROODE vs. SAMOA JOE -- Winner Is No. 1 Contender for World Hvt. Title

Jeremy Borash did formal ring introductions. Joe escaped an early crossface attempt and bailed out to ringside to regroup. Joe came back with a snap powerslam, big boot, and sexton splash for a two count at 3:00.


Tenay plugged that next week the winner of this match faces James Storm for the TNA World Title, then with equal excitement plugged that Ronnie from "Jersey Shore" would be on the show. Both men were down at 4:00 and slow to get up. Joe got up and rallied and got a near fall. He played to the crowd and set up the fisherman's suplex, but Joe countered with a fireman's carry drop onto Roode's head for a two count of his own. Joe then set up a Muscle Buster out of the corner, but Roode slipped free and countered with a crossface. Joe rolled Roode back onto his shoulders for a two count in a nice counter. He followed up by driving Roode's knee into the mat, then set up a figure-four. Roode kicked Joe off of him and hit the fisherman's suplex for the win.

WINNER: Roode in 6:00 to earn a title shot next week.

(WK Reax: Six minutes seems pretty short for a match for a world title shot. It didn't have that epic feeling, but then again that was going to be tough when it was announced about 90 minutes before it started. Roode getting a clean win over Joe is a good way to firm up his credibility headed into next week's title match. I am not crazy about them giving away Roode vs. Storm so soon, but it does make storyline sense that given the way Roode lost, he deserves another title shot quickly. It just won't mean as much seeing Storm vs. Roode as it would have had they spent months establishing them as top main event level singles wrestlers separate from each other. It feels like two "tag team wrestlers" fighting each other rather than an epic long-awaited match between former friends and partners who went on separate paths since splitting.) [c]

-As Bischoff walked to the ring, Tenay plugged that he just got word from Sting that next week Hardy & Anderson vs. Jarrett & Bully Ray will wrestle in a tag match. Eric told the fans to simmer down. He said the great thing about families is they can put things behind them and move on. He said he's hoping to do that now. He told Garett to come on down so he can hear what he has to say. He said he's a good kid, he just made a mistake, "and we're all capable of it." (Does that includes destroying a wrestling company that looked unstoppable a couple years earlier?! Just kidding, just kidding.)

Bischoff said there are two sides to every coin, and he forgives him for what he did when he got caught up in the emotion of it all. He said he knows what it's like to be young and dumb and let things cloud his judgment. He told him to go ahead and tell the world he's sorry and then everything will go back to the way it used to be. Garett leaned in to the mic, but didn't say anything, which tested Eric's patience. Garett broke into a nervous smile. Eric said he's pushing him to a point where he might not be able to forgive him. He said he wouldn't ask again. "Now frickin' apologize to me in front of these people. Do as I said." Garett shook his head now. The fans cheered him on. When Eric insisted he apologize, Garett wound up to punch him.

Flair walked into the ring and told Garett to get his act together and apologize to his old man right now. Flair said he will mess him up unless he does what he says. Flair took off his jacket and got red-faced. He shoved Garett. Garett fired back with a forearm that dropped Flair. Garett ripped off his shirt. Bischoff nailed his future grandkids with his forearm from behind. Flair then chopped Garett in the chest in the corner a few times, then punched him. Flair ripped at Garett's face as Bischoff cupped his ear to listen to an apology. The show ended with the beatdown continuing.

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