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RADICAN'S JCW "HATCHET ATTACKS" iPPV REPORT 5/26 - virtual time coverage from Farmington, N.M.

May 26, 2012 - 6:18:41 PM

By Sean Radican, Torch columnist

MAY 26, 2012

D.J. Clay introduced the show and the crowd chanted JCW.

Kevin Gill came down to the ring and ran down the card. KG threw it over to D.J. Clay to spin some tunes for the crowd while Gill made his way to the commentary booth.

Legs Diamond introduced the first match in the ring. Six Man Tag action is up first. The Freak Squad got very little reaction. Ring Rydas and Zach Gown both got a nice pop from the crowd.

1 - - THE FREAK SQUAD (Dom & GQ & Joey) vs. JCW Tag Team Champions THE RING RYDAS (Ryda Red & Ryda Blue) & ZACH GOWEN

The crowd was rabid chanting family before the match began. GQ went at it with Blue first. Blue took GQ down and tagged in Red, who went to work on GQ’s arm. Dom tagged in and took down Red. Red fired right back and took Dom down. Dom fired back and sent Red into the corder, but Red flipped up to the top turnbuckle and hit a splash for the two count. GQ tagged back in and went at it with Gowen. Gowen went to town on GQ before hitting a springboard senton. Red, Blue, and Ryda then took turns hitting springboard on GQ, but he only got a 2 count. Dom tagged in, but Gowen caught him with a dropkick. GQ fired back on Gowen. Gowen got cut off by Joey.

The Freak Squad isolated Gowen in the corner as the crowd tried to rally behind Gowen. Red and Blue ran in and took out GQ and Joey. The Ring Rydas hit tandem offense on Dom in the corner. The Ring Rydas hit double dives to the outside and Gowen hit a moonsault for the pin.

Winners: The Ring Rydas & Zach Gowen – This was a fun opening match. The camera work isn’t great as the hard cameras are too far away from the ring at times to catch the action. There are also some glitches in the audio.

KG put over the atmosphere and said they were going to send it to the back for some interviews with Sugar Slam. I guess they’re having some technical issues, as they were unable to go backstage. KG said they were getting everything ready for the next match. They went backstage and showed Chop with Officer Colt Cabana. Cabana began to answer the question and Chop cut him off and said he’s going against the Weedman tonight. Cabana grabbed the mic and said this is his jurisdiction. Cabana said where there’s juggalos, he has jurisdiction. Cabana said he will put the Weedman, Chop, and the juggalos in jail. Chop cut him off and said, “We’re done with this mother---er.”

KG said the animosity between Cabana and Weedman has been buring for a long time. KG told fans to google the history between both men or buy the DVDs at ICP’s site to get caught up on the feud. KG said people from all over the world were watching tonight.

Legs Diamond introduced the second match with the ring girl, who drew some whistles from the crowd. They showed a graphic that said “Match 1.” KG said it’s clearly match number 2. Officer Colt Cabana came down to the ring first. There’s a great atmosphere for this show with a huge crowd surrounding the ring. Cabana taunted the juggalos as he came down to the ring and checked them with his flashlight. Cabana dragged a fan into the ring and “arrested” him.

Cabana got on the mic and said this is what happens when you bring drugs into his town. The fans threw garbage at Cabana. Cabana said before the show he went into Weedman’s dressing room and took his marijuana. The crowd booed as Cabana said the weed was at the New Mexico State Police Department. Cabana said the police were thinking of selling the drugs and making the money for themselves. The stream briefly froze a couple of times. The fans threw more crap at Cabana as he wished police brutality on all of them.

Weedman came down to the ring next to a big pop. Weedman got a blunt from the crowd as they continued to go crazy for him.


The crowd went crazy chanting for Weedman before the opening bell. Cabana tried to jump Weedman, but he took him down with a huge jumping clothesline. Weedman took down Cabana with Finlay roll and hit the 420 flip for a nearfall. Cabana went to the outside, but Weedman followed him and hit a clothesline off the apron. Cabana fired back and raked Weedman’s eyes to gain the upper hand momentarily, but Weedman managed to whip him into the ringpost. Weedman hit a big splash in the corner moments later. Weedman went for another splash, but Cabana dragged the ref in the way. Cabana hit Weedman with his badge. The crowd threw all sorts of debris at Cabana, who began working over Weedman.

Cabana posed for the crowd as he put a beating on Weedman. Weedman tried to fire back, but Cabana cut him off with an elbow. The crowd chanted F--- the police as Cabana attempted to rape the ref. The crowd booed as Cabana went to town on Cabana in the corner. The lighting has gotten way to dark from certain angles. Cabana put Weedman on the top turnbuckle. Weedman hit several elbows and followed up with a twisting dive off the top to wipe out Cabana. Weedman went to the corner and got another blunt. The crowd fired up and chanted for Weedman, who went to town on Cabana. Weedman hit a nice dropkick, but only got a 2 count. Weedman caught Cabana with another dropkick off the ropes, but only got a 2 count. Weedman went for the double knees off the second turnbuckle, but Cabana rolled out of the way. Cabana set up for a charge, but Weedman cut him off. Weedman then caught Cabana with a superkick for the win.

Winner: The Weedman – This was a fun match while it lasted. The crowd was just red hot for Weedman, but they should do something about the fans throwing so much crap into the ring.

KG threw to Sugar Slam, who was with Daivari. Daivari spoke in foreign tongue and asked Slam if she understood him. Daivari said of course she doesn’t understand because she’s American. Daivari said wrestling is in his blood and he didn’t care who his mystery opponent is. He said to send him to the ring so he can beat him.

KG said Daivari gets under his skin because he’s arrogant. KG said Daivari had told him being in JCW was a low point in his career. KG previewed the main event between 2 Tough Tony and Kongo Kong for the vacant JCW Championship. KG said Daivari was currently doing his pre-match ritual backstage. He threw to Legs Diamond to introduce the next match. Daivari came out first and got a heel reaction from the fans, who threw bottles at him. KG wondered who his opponent was going to be. Necro Butcher’s music played and he came down to the ring to a big reaction. Daivari tried to run away from Necro and appeared to succeed. Necro got a barbed-wire back and went after the ref, who bailed to the outside. Necro stood call in the ran as the crowd gave him a good ovation. Daivari went up the ramp and teased leaving. Necro tried to chase after Daivari again, who refused to engage in combat.


Daivari tried to cut off Necro as he got in the ring and take his bat, but Necro tossed him to the outside and ran him crotch-first into the ringpost. Necro continued to put a beating on Daivari on the outside. Daivari finally grabbed the trash can and nailed Necro with it on the apron to cut him off. Daivari nailed Necro several times with the trash can. He then used the lid to nail Necro several times. Necro came up bleeding as KG tried to put it over as hard way juice. Daivari got the bat and grinded against Necro’s head. The crowd tried to rally behind Necro and went crazy chanting family. Daivari tried to go up top, but Necro cut him off and slammed him to the mat. Necro set up Daivari over the trashcan and hit a sit out powerbomb for the win. Necro ended up missing the trashcan, but still got the win.

Winner: The Necro Butcher – This was really short, but it was fine while it lasted. The crowd continued to be red hot for the babyfaces. It’s too bad they kept this match so short, but they did do a lot of stalling before engaging in combat.

KG previewed the rest of “Hatchet Attacks” and mentioned the upcoming musical performances, including Twiztid, Cold 187, Boondox, and ICP. KG said perhaps the dry land of Farmington, N.M. could become green with the Faygo flowing tonight. KG said the JWO would be in action next going head up against the Headbangers. KG plugged ICP’s “Mighty Death Pop” that is due out in August. KG also previewed the Kongo Kong-2 Tough Tony main event match for the vacant JCW Championship. KG paused and wiggled his fingers at the camera. I thought he was having some kind of “episode,” but it turned out he was just listening to people in his earpiece. KG mentioned that PWTorch and several other sites were doing live coverage of this event. KG said Hatchet Attacks and KG Kevin Gill was trending on twitter. KG said JWO had some transportation issues, but they were finally there. KG went on twitter to check the feedback on the iPPV. KG plugged the Gathering of the Juggalos and mentioned an extra day had been added to the show. KG then went back to reading tweets.

KG threw to Sugar Slam with Hall, Nash, and Waltman. She asked them if they had ever wrestled the Headbangers. Waltman said he had wrestled the Headbangers before and they’re tough. Nash said they represent the Juggalo World Order. Nash said they love the Juggalos. Slam asked if they were going to wrestle at GOTJ. Hall said Violent J had been training with the JWO and would be wrestling at the Gathering.

KG put over Violent J’s book and mentioned there was a story about the Headbanger’s in it. KG continued to give shout outs as he was handed the JCW Championship. KG said the match would start any second now. KG said the next JCW show would take place at the Gathering. The Headbangers came out first and didn’t get much of a reaction. Hall, Nash, and Waltman were out next and they got a big pop.

The crowd chanted “Family” as JWO stood in the ring. Waltman got on the mic and asked the fans to make some noise. He said Hall was alive and mother----- well. Waltman said he had two words for everyone and said woop woop. Hall then got on the mic to a big ovation. He talked about tonight being a once-per-year affair. Hall said if he doesn’t talk too much, the fans would see Nash and Waltman beat up the Headbangers. Hall thanked the fans for coming.

5 - - J.W.O. (Kevin Nash & Sean Waltman w/Scott Hall) vs. The Headbangers (Mosh & Thrasher)

The fans went crazy chanting family. KG said the JWO traveled to Farmington together because they’re family. Mosh and Waltman started the match. The crowd went crazy chanting for Waltman to F--- up Mosh. Mosh wanted a test of strength, but Waltman gave him a crotch chop. Mosh kicked Waltman low, but Waltman ducked a clothesline and hti a spin kick. Waltman tagged in Nash, who got a big pop. Nash went to work on Mosh with rights and then knees in the corner. Nash hit several elbows in the corner. Nash then choked Mosh with his boot. Hall slapped Mosh in the face from the outside. Waltman set up Mosh in the corner and went for the ninja buster, but Mosh got his foot up right in Waltman’s crotch. The action broke down with Nash going after Thrasher. Nash caught Thrasher with a side slam off the rope. He then dropped him right on the top turnbuckle before nailing him with a big boot. Nash took down his straps and hit the jackknife powerbomb. Waltman then hit the x factor on Mosh for the win.

Winners: Sean Waltman & Kevin Nash – This was a fun match, but it was short. Waltman looked good and the crowd heat for Nash’s signature offense was insane. Waltman went and said hello to KG up in the commentary booth. Waltman said they love this place.

KG pitched to a video package for the Kongo Kong vs. 2 Tuff Tony match for the vacant JCW Championship. The narrator mentioned both men were undefeated and said Kongo has barely been taken off his feet. KG set the stage for the main event and said Kongo Kong had knocked Corp. Robinson out of wrestling. He held up the JCW Championship and said a new champion would be crowned tonight.

Legs Diamond introduced the main event. Kongo Kong came out first to a heel reaction. 2 Tuff Tony was out next to a big pop. Tony handed out shots to the crowd as he made his way around ringside. The crowd chanted for Tony before the bell rang.

5 - - KONGO KONG vs. 2 Tuff Tony - #1 Contenders match for the vacant JCW Championship

Both men went face-to-face in the middle of the ring before exchanging blows. Kong nailed Tony with a big shoulder tackle a short time later that sent him to the outside. Tony regrouped on the outside before getting back into the ring. Tony got the crowd going as they clapped in unison before Tony and Kong locked up again. Kong nailed Tony with several punches and the crowd booed. Tony fired back and the crowd cheered. Tony tried a series of clothesline, but Kongo wouldn’t go down. Tony finally hit a basement dropkick. He then hit a running kick out of the corner, but Kong kicked out and launched Tony into the turnbuckles. KG sold Kong’s strength with a hushed tone. Tony got his boot up on Kong in the corner and hit the 12 pack off the second turnbuckle for a nearfall. That’s a modified blockbuster for those scoring at home. Tony bounced off the ropes, but Kong nailed him with a headbutt. Kong followed up with a running kick, but Tony kicked out at the last second.

The crowd booed as KG wondered what would happen if the JCW title went to Kong. Kong took Tony down and covered him with one foot for a 2 count. KG put over Kong’s high-flying ability. The fans chanted for Tony again and threw debris in the ring. One of the bottles hit the camera. Kong locked in a nerve hold. Tony tried to fire back. He got to his feet and nailed Kong with a kick. Tony bounced off the ropes, but Kong nailed him with a running kick to the head for a nearfall. Kong went for a charge in the corner, but Tony bailed to the outside.

A couple of fans ran into the ring and security beat them down in the background. Tony swung at Kong with a bat, but missed. Kongo got the bat and nailed Tony with it twice. Kongo covered Tony, but he only got a 2 count. Apparently there were thumbtacks on the bat that stuck in Tony’s head. Kong set up Tony for a charge in the corner and nailed him with a big clothesline. Kong followed up with a cannonball in the corner, but Tony kicked out again. Kong locked in a nerve hold again. Tony tried to fire back and eventually hit a pele kick and the crowd cheered with both men down. They got a close shot of Tony’s bloody head. The ref continued to count with both men not moving. Both men managed to beat the count. Tony nailed Kong with several punches while ducking Kong’s punches. Kong wouldn’t go down as Tony nailed him with several punches. Tony hit several punches in the corner and reached the ten count from the crowd. Kong was still on his feet as Tony went up top and hit a big missile dropkick.

Tony went under the ring and got a table. Kong struggled to get to his feet as KG pointed out that security was holding the barricade as the crowd tried to get towards the ring. Tony finally set up the table in the ring. Kong suddenly fired up and went after Tony with several headbutts. He put Tony through the table accidentally with a slam. Kong shrugged and went up top, but Tony grabbed a chair and nailed him right in the back. Tony went outside again and grabbed another table. Kong cut him off as he tried to get back into the ring. Kong set up the table. He then nailed Tony with several headbutts. Tony didn’t even end up on the table. Kong climbed up to the second rope, but Tony powerbombed him through the table to a huge pop. It looked like Tony had won the match and his music played, but it was only a 2 count. KG sold disbelief on commentary. Tony got a chair, but the ref took it away from him. Kong ran at Tony and ended up going through the turnbuckles. Tony nailed Kong with a weak chairshot to the head for another nearfall. KG wondered what it would take for Tony to win. Tony set up for the meteorite. Kong’s hair was briefly on fire and Tony covered him. Tony’s music played again as it looked like Tony had won. The ref told Tony that Kong had kicked out.

Tony slipped out of a chokeslam and went off the ropes, but Kong caught him with another chokeslam. The crowd tried to rally behind Kong as he went up top. Kong finally got up top and nailed Tony with a huge splash. Kong covered Tony, but only got a 2 count. KG said there must be something in the air because Tony still isn’t done. Kong sold shock while sitting on the mat. Kong went up top again, but Tony punched him low. Tony ended up hitting a big superplex on Kong for the win.

Winner: 2 Tuff Tony to become the new JCW Hvt. Champion

Star rating: (**3/4) – This match built like an epic match. It dragged in spots at times, but they told a good story. The only thing that held it back from getting a higher rating was a few spots that just didn’t come off well like Kong accidentally putting Tony though the table and Tony’s music playing several times when Tony got nearfalls. I don’t know if it was intentional or not to try to add drama that they played Tony’s music, but it took things down for me and came off like a production error. There were some spectacular spots in the match and I’d love to see these two do it again under different circumstances.

The crowd went nuts as Tony celebrated with the title. KG signed off the JCW portion of the show and plugged the upcoming musical performances on the show.

Overall thoughts: This was a really fun show to watch. The only thing holding it back were some long delays in-between matches. Most of the matches were kept short, but all of them were entertaining. I liked some of the things they tried on production that you don’t see on other iPPVs like backstage interviews and a nice video package prior to the 2 Tuff Tony-Kongo Kong main event.

Weedman-Cabana had another fun match. Weedman is actually pretty darn entertaining in the ring, but the fans really get in the way when they throw stuff into the ring, which they did all night. Cabana’s heel act as Officer Colt Cabana is worth checking out.

Daivari got a lot of heat prior to going against the beloved Necro Butcher in a short, but solid brawling encounter that saw Necro get the win in the end. Another fun match was the JWO vs. Headbangers match. Scott Hall appears to be in good health at this time and hopefully he can continue to overcome his substance abuse issues. The crowd went nuts for Waltman and Nash on offense and they won the match in what was basically was a squash.

The main event was one of the better designed JCW matches I can recall. Tony and Kongo got a lot of time to put on a longer match by JCW standards. It dragged a little bit, but these guys pulled off some spectacular maneuvers during the match and the match itself fit its billing as being an epic encounter between two undefeated wrestlers. The only things that held it back were a couple of botched spots and Tony’s music playing several times after he got nearfalls.

This show is worth checking out if you want to see a fun two hours of wrestling. Hopefully JCW can time there shows out better in the future so there aren’t long delays in-between matches, but KG did a good job on commentary of filling the time and being entertaining. Another thing this show had going for it was an insanely hot crowd that added to the show at times with their chants and energy. I wish all independent shows came off like this on iPPV and DVD in terms of the crowd heat.


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