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RADICAN'S UWF "STREET KING" PPV REPORT 11/6 - Homicide vs. Reyes vs. Bestia vs. Brown Four Way Elimination match to determine first UWF Champion

Nov 6, 2011 - 8:06:25 PM

NOV. 6, 2011

The show started with Eddie Kingston attacking K.C. Blade in an alley on the streets. Kingston stole his money and shoes. Kingston also took Blade’s passport, so I’m guessing he won’t be traveling anytime soon. Kingston told Blade to tell Homicide and Uncle Murder that he’s coming.

E.C. Negro tried to call Blade from his car. They showed Blade rolling around on the cement. Negro swore a bunch of times and appeared upset that Blade wasn’t answering his phone.

Billy Blue who is the head of the NMB crew was swearing at Bestia backstage. I don’t think Bestia speaks much English, so hopefully he didn’t take offense. There are graphics with the rappers and wrestlers names in all of these segments so far. The graphics include the name of the crew as well. I’m very happy with this change. Blue told Bestia to walk and told him to “open the f----- door.” They walk in on a fight between their fellow crew members Buck Chyld and Steve Mack. Jeez tried to crack a joke, but Blue is handing this telling everyone to shut the f--- up. Blue told Chyld and Mack that they were going to wrestle tonight and the loser was out of the crew.

Negro was shown getting out of his car and going into a spring to a destination unknown.

The standard opening aired for “Street King.”

Shawn Credle, Robbie Mireno, and Julius Smokes were shown at ringside introducing the show. There are literally no fans behind them. The announcers talked about the first two PPVs and what these people are capable of. Smokes said a bunch of stuff that made no sense, but because it was him saying it, it was fantastic.

We got o Billy Blue in the ring. Blue said Chyld and Mack have beef. Blue told the entire crew to get out of the ring and ordered the match to start.

1 - - BUCK CHYLD vs. STEVE MACK – Loser Leaves Crew match

Chyld jumped Mack, but Mack reversed and landed some blows from the mount. Chyld fired back, but Mack drove him into the corner and nailed him with a stiff looking clothesline to the back of the head. Mack choked Chyld, as the cameras showed Blue watching at ringside with a woman of the night. Chyld tried to fire back against, but Mack pressed him above his shoulders and tossed him across the ring. Smokes said Mack had spread the cheese on that cracker. I’d be offended if I wasn’t laughing. Mack set up for a big splash in the corner, but Chyld got out of the way. Chyld went for a spinning DDT, but Mack countered it into a blue thunder powerbomb for a nearfall. The announcers said being in UWF without a crew wasn’t a good thing.

Mack went up top, but Chyld cut him off. Holy crap! Buck Chyld hit a superplex on Mack. Smokes said all the water went out of the toilet on that move. Both men were down on the mat, but there’s no count because there’s only rope breaks in UWF. Both men got to their feet and began exchanging blows. Chyld finally took down Mack with a big clothesline. Chyld hit another clothesline and a twisting senton off the turnbuckles for a 2 count. Chyld hit a rocker dropper on Mack, but he kicked out. Smokes said Mack isn’t the Pillsbury dough boy, but he’s a legit gangster. Buck stalked Mack, but he fired back and hit him with a splash in the corner. Mack followed up with a high angle suplex, but Chyld kicked out. Smokes said Chyld can take an a—whopping. Chyld countered Mack and hit the twisting bulldog off the turnbuckles for the win.

Winner: Buck Chyld – This was entertaining while it lasted to say the least given the action in the ring and how funny Julius Smokes is on commentary. It was the classic big man vs. little man match, but this time the little man won.

Blue got on the mic and said he doesn’t want a weak link. Blue said he had faith in Mack. Blue sent Jeez and Bestia in the ring. Bestia and Chyld began beating down Mack. Jeez wouldn’t hit Mack and Blue said to get him on his feet. Jeez finally nailed Mack with a big punch. Blue said Mack needed more of a beat down, so Bestia hit him with a big leg lariat. Jeez hit a doublestomp off the top and Blue decided that was enough.

They showed the L.E.P. Bogus Boys from Chicago. Moonie said they were hear for money. Count said they are here to see what everyone is made of.

Negro was shown running on the street, but he was attacked by Eddie Kingston. Kingston slammed him into a fence and told Negro to tell Homicide he’s coming. Kingston told Negro not to move. He told Negro to have a good night and stay down.

They showed Young Breed, Gunplay, and Torch from Florida. Gunplay and Young Breed said they were taking over. Torch said he had a checklist and ran down Cuban Link and Uncle Murder amongst others.

40 Glocc came out with a woman. They showed Ref Café saying the gloves are off. Steve the Huslter was then shown talking to Melle Mel. They showed Brian XL admitting he had shot at the SAT’s. They showed Melle Mel telling the SAT’s to play this game to win. They showed the SAT’s confronting Brian XL & Lance Lude. Lude told the SAT’s they had it coming. Both teams brawled. 40 Glocc was shown things were getting intense. Glocc introduced Big Business, who was backing up Brian XL & Lance Lude.

Mellie Mel was shown with his woman. She didn’t care about the tag match and wanted to go shopping. Mel told her to f------ relax. The woman was still angry and kept yelling. She told Kingston to shut the f--- up.

Radican’s thoughts: The previous stuff about SAT’s vs. Brian XL & Lance Lude was a video package. It did a good job of putting the story in perspective, but I don’t remember a lot of the things in the video package happening on the previous PPVs.

2 - - SAT’s (Will & Joel Maximo) vs. Lance Lude & Brian XL (w/Big Business)

Lude and Joel exchanged holds in the ring to start the match. The pace picked up with Lude hitting a nice headscissors takedown. Joel tagged in and went at it with XL. XL hit a springboard hurricanrana. Hard to tell the difference between the Maximo brothers. XL tossed out both Maximo brothers and took out everyone including his partner with a dive to the outside. XL went after Joel and tied him up in an abdominal stretch before tying him up in an arm submission. Smokes went nuts on commentary about Joel needing to get out of the hold. XL tagged in Lude and they hit him with a bunch of moves.

Joel fired back and caught Lude with a backbreaker for a 2 count. Joel tagged in and hit a nice suplex on Lude. Smokes said the veteran Maximo was now in the ring. They showed Mellie Mel yelling about something at ringside. Lude fired back with a standing sliced bread and both men were down. XL got the hot tag and ran wild on the Maximo brothers. Lude went up top and hit a moonsault off the top to the outside on Joel. XL hit a code red on Will for a nearfall. Wow this is fast paced. XL missed a kick and Will hit an avalanche German for a nearfall. Lude went up top, but the Maximo brothers caught him and hit a double pendulum into a face buster. Smokes said they spread the cheese on that cracker again. I think the Caucasian wrestlers should get together and file a lawsuit on UWF for this commentary. The SAT’s had the pin, but it got broken up by XL. They show Glocc on the outside showing concern. Lude got launched into Joel and caught, but he managed to catch him with a top rope hurricanrana. There were a bunch of moves and everyone was down.

Joel caught XL with a superkick on the apron that sent him into the guardrail. The SAT’s cut off Lude up top and hit the Spanish fly as a couple of women in the crowd went nuts for the pin.

Winners: The SAT’s. This was all action here with a lot of spectacular high-flying and limited selling. If you like this style of match, you’re going to love this. All four guys pulled off a bunch of stuff smoothly, but it went by like a blur.

After the match Business got in the ring and put the boots to the SAT’s. Mel ran in and got in Business’s face. Mel ducked a punch and clotheslined Business to the outside. 40 Glocc got into the ring and nailed Joel with a punch. They showed a nice shot of some ladies from behind. Business took a chairshot to the head and there was a huge riot between both crews. Mel stood on the second turnbuckle and watched. XL got lifted up to the balcony and brawled with Joel. Joel tried to suplex XL over the barricade. They exchanged some blows. XL shoved off Joel and then hit a moonsault off the balcony onto everyone and the crowd went nuts. Jose recovered and hit a dive onto everyone and the crowd went nuts again. More people came out and there was total mayhem between the California and New York crews.

Radican’s thoughts: That was a crazy post-match brawl. The only thing I didn’t like was the chairshot to the head. That should be totally banned from all promotions even if the chairshot to Business’s head was weak. Aside from that chairshot, the brawl was awesome between the California and New York crews. The two dives from Joel and XL came off well and the cell phone footage from inside the brawl contrasted by the wide shot looked really good.

They went to a video package for Eddie Carnage vs. B.C. Killer. The package centered around 40 Glocc’s feud with Cuban Link. Glocc was shown giving Carnage a pep talk on the streets. They showed Carnage and Killer brawling in the street. Cuban Link told Glocc and Carnage they were going to do what they had to in order to get that money. Uncle Murder, 40 Glocc, and Cuban Link were shown having a confrontation in a bar. Glocc said let’s get this s--- over with and walked away. The women seemed bored by all of this.

They went to footage of a night club. There was a ring set up in the middle of the night club. Both of the crews were watching from a balcony. Carnage and Killer entered the ring in the nightclub from opposite sides.

3 - - Eddie Carnage vs. B.C. Killer – Night Club Brawl match

Both men exchanged punches in the ring. The action spilled outside the ring. I wonder how the announcers can see this. Killer hit Carnage with a light tube and the crew popped up in the balcony. They showed Glocc watching on from the balcony with concern as Killer continued to nail Carnage with light tube shots. Both men are already bleeding. Killer set up Carnage in the corner and nailed him in the nights with a light tube. One of the announcer said if you tap your b---- it hurts. Carnage fired back with a chairshot to the gut and then tossed a chair at Killer’s back. He set up Killer’s arm in a chair and slammed it with another chair. Carnage got two light tubes and nailed Carnage with them. Famous B was shown and he liked what he saw.

Carnage took a broken tube and drove it into Killer’s head before flipping off Glocc and his crew. Killer fired back with some punches, but Carnage caught him with a punch. Both men tossed chairs at each other. Some shots connected with the head. Carnage nailed Killer with several shots with a trash can and dug away at Killer’s cut with a blade. Killer fired back and nailed Carnage with a chain shot. He then tied up Carnage by the neck with the chain and tried to choke him. Smokes made a Junkyard Dog reference. Killer got a stapler and stapled Carnage in the arm a couple of times before stapling his head.

Killer went into the bathroom and got a toilet seat to toss at Carnage’s head. He then stuck Carnage’s head inside a toilet before smashing it with a post. Killer got a pane of glass, but Carnage caught him with a light tube shot. Killer nailed Carnage with a chairshot. The pane of glass fell on top of Carnage. He then smashed the glass over carnage with a chair. Carnage got the stapler and fired back at Killer with several staple shots. He then suplexed Carnage through pane of glass. Carnage lit his fist on fire and nailed Killer with a rolling forearm shot. Killer couldn’t get up, so Carnage was the winner.

Winner: Eddie Carnage – I really don’t like this style of wrestling, especially with the unprotected chairshots to the head from tossed chairs. This style of wrestling has limited appeal and given the long-term dangers imposed on both participants, UWF should mandate safer conditions for their wrestlers going forward.

They showed the announcers at ringside. They said they were about to crown the new UWF Champion. They ran down the participants in the match and their respective crews with a video package.

Larry Legend did the formal ring introductions. They showed a graphic with the name of the crew leader and the city represented for each wrestler.

4 - - HOMICIDE vs. BESTIA vs. RICKY REYES vs. RASCHE BROWN – Street King Tournament Final Elimination match

All four men went right after Brown, but he pushed them all off. They all went after Brown again and Reyes sent him to the outside with a clothesline. Brown brawled outside with Homicide while Bestia and Reyes went at it in the ring. Homicide fired back at Brown on the outside and launched him into the ring barrier. Bestia set up for a dive, but Homicide cut him off. Homicide charged at Bestia, but ate a powerslam for a 2 count. Homicide hit the three amigos on Bestia as the announcers plugged the “First Blood” PPV on DVD release. Brown ran into the ring and took down Homicide with a big shoulder tackle. Brown lifted Homicide over his head and dropped him to the mat.

Homicide grabbed the ropes to block a suplex. Reyes then ran into the ring and nailed Brown with several kicks. Homicide and Reyes worked together to take down Brown. Brown fired back and took out both men with a flying double clothesline. Bestia ran into the ring, but Brown caught him. Bestia went for a rollup and eventually nailed Brown with a dropkick. Bestia waited for Brown to get up and nailed him with a big dive through the ropes. Homicide and Bestia went at it. Bestia hit a standing moonsault on Homicide for a nearfall. Homicide went for the cop killa, but Bestia slipped out. Homicide followed up with an ace crusher to eliminate Bestia.

Brown nailed Homicide with a heart punch. He then lifted Homicide over his head, but Homicide fought out and nailed Brown with an ace crusher. Brown didn’t stay down and Homicide went after him in the corner. Both men battled up top. Homicide went for a hurricanrana, but Kingston ran out and held Brown in place. Reyes then hit Homicide with the eye of the storm for the pin. We are now down to Brown and Reyes. Homicide pointed at Kingston in shock. Homicide ran to the back as Brown and Reyes went at it. Reyes caught Brown with a kick to the back of the head. Reyes then hit a rolling neck breaker on Brown, but he kicked out. Reyes went back on the attack and nailed Brown with several punched. Reyes bounced off the ropes and Brown caught him with a chokeslam. Brown then hit a huge spear to win the match.

Winner: Rasche Brown to become the first UWF World Champion –

Big Block got on the mic and bragged about Brown’s win as their woman danced. Block said they were going to get money. The rest of Block’s crew came out to celebrate Brown’s win. Block held up the title and talked about getting street money. The announcers signed off plugging the UWF website while Brown and his crew posed with the title.

They went backstage and showed Homicide and his crew and Ruckus, who was with his crew, having a confrontation. They ended up shooting at Ruckus.

Brown was shown walking somewhere backstage through a door. The hands of a man clapping were shown and Brown handed him the title.

Overall thoughts: This was a big improvement over the other shows in terms of how the company used graphics and video packages to introduce feuds and show the backstory. I understood just about everything that went on during this PPV and that hasn’t been the case on the other UWF PPV offerings. Just about everything had a reason for happening that was clear.

The show also had a lot of good in-ring action. The Chyld-Mack match was fun while it lasted and the announcers added a lot to it with their hilarious commentary. The SAT’s vs. Lude & XL match was also a lot of fun and once again, UWF set up the context of why they were fighting with the conflict between their respective crews. The post-match brawl was crazy and outside of the chairshot to the head, I thought they did a great job of showing different angles from the brawl. At one point, I felt like I was literally standing inside the brawl while watching it.

I didn’t like the Carage-Killer Nightclub Fight at all. I think that style of wrestling isn’t worth the risk to the wrestlers performing the stunts. They hit each other with light tubes, chairshots, and staple guns. There was a lot of blood as well. That style just doesn’t draw in this era and they could have had a knock down drag out brawl minus the weapons and blood, which would have been more effective and a lot safer for the wrestlers in the match.

The main event to crown the first UWF Champion was really quick for an elimination match, but it was fun while it lasted. They set up the main event with a really good video package highlighting all four wrestlers involved and their crews. Brown stood out really well working with three smaller wrestlers and the finish came off really well when Brown eliminated Reyes with a huge spear.

UWF is trying to do something different with elements of real life drama in their show, but I don’t understand how guns can work in the context of pro wrestling. There have been three angles now involving guns, including one that closed the show. If wrestlers can shoot each other, what’s the point of having matches in the ring? On the other hand, the SAT’s were shot at by XL & Lude, but ended up settling their conflict in a match inside the ring.

There are a lot of good things about UWF that make it different, but if they eliminated some of the ridiculous elements of their ongoing storylines, I feel they could tell better stories given the context of the promotion is pro wrestling.

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