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Tape Review: ROH, "Dissension," Jan. 28, 2006, with Styles vs. Danielson, Sydal vs. Daniels

Mar 18, 2006 - 11:44:00 AM

By Chris Vetter, Torch Contributor

Ring of Honor presented "Dissension" on Jan. 28, 2006 in Cleveland, Ohio. The Cleveland crowds are hot, and are among the loudest ROH fans. Lighting is good, and attendance appears to be in the 500 range. On commentary again is Lenny Leonard & Dave Prazak.

The tape opened with a backstage segment, with Dave Prazak interviewing Matt Sydal, asking him about his decision to go for the tag titles. Sydal said his ROH career is just starting, and he doesn't want to make any mistakes. Sydal said he is focused on his match with Christopher Daniels.

One more backstage segment, as the Embassy celebrated their trios' tournament victory. This segment was really dark, though. Jimmy Rave said he wanted a title shot on Feb. 25. Alex Shelley decided... he wanted his title shot Feb. 11! The heels began to argue, and Prince Nana got between them. "We are a team. All you have to be concerned about is bringing the title to me."

To the ring!

(1) Adam Pearce defeats Jay Fury at 3:28. Solid but short. Pearce wore his red Flair-style robe to the ring, and he wore a red singlet. Fury wore some red trunks. Pearce hit some punches. Fury came back with some drop kicks, a spin kick, and Pearce rolled to the floor. Fury hit a nice Corkscrew Asai Moonsault. In the ring, Fury hit his quick kicks to the head with his left leg, then an enziguri with his right leg.

Pearce came back with some chops and a belly-to-belly suplex for a nearfall. The crowd loudly chanted, "Let's go Fury!" Fury hit the 'Jaytrix'/Kip Up enziguri for a nearfall. Pearce hit a spinebuster, then a frogsplash, to get the pin.

Pearce got on the mic, but the crowd shouted him down. Jim Cornette came to ringside, and he talked about the "hardcore wrestlers" that were at the show the day before. Necro Butcher was in the crowd, holding his ticket. Cornette ripped into him some more. Cornette eventually challenged Necro to come over the railing, so Necro hopped over! Necro brawled with Pearce, and Cornette hit Necro Butcher too! This whole segment was hot, and the crowd loved it.

The top 5 rankings zipped by.

(2) Jimmy Yang defeats Jay Lethal at 11:06. Good match. Lethal wore black shades, and he strutted around the ring. They opened with an intense lockup, and they traded armholds and had a standoff. Yang hit some nice armdrags, then a one-legged crab. Yang hit a nice spin kick to the face, a chop, and Lethal stalled on the floor. Yang eventually went to the floor, and Lethal tossed Yang into the guardrail; Yang flipped and landed in the crowd!

The crowd loudly chanted, "F--- you Lethal!" In the ring, Lethal hit an ugly snap suplex, and the crowd booed the sloppy move. Yang hit some chops, then an overhead belly-to-belly suplex, tossing Lethal into the turnbuckle, and both men were down at 8:30. Yang hit a second-rope spin kick to Lethal's jaw. Lethal came back with a clothesline for a nearfall, then a second-rope elbow drop for a believable nearfall at 10:30. Yang nailed the Yang Time/corkscrew press for the pin.

A backstage camera caught A.J. Styles talking to Matt Sydal. They were too far away for us to hear their conversation! (Neat segment.)

Low Ki cut a promo. "2006 is a brand new year. It's the year the Rottweilers take over Ring of Honor." Ki talked about his match later. "Jack Evans, I'm going to punish you, beat you, and hurt you." Intense.

(3) Tony Mamaluke & Sal Rinauro & Delirious defeat Alex Shelley & Jimmy Rave & Abyss (w/Daizee Haze & Prince Nana) at 14:23 in a six-man tag. The heels are again buried under a sea of toilet paper, and it's just cool to see their reaction. Delirious opened versus Shelley, and they did some nice arm hold reversals. Prazak & Leonard on commentary again talked about how Delirious is on the verge of losing his roster spot, because he's not getting wins. Abyss tagged in, nailed a hard Mafia Kick on Delirious, then he nailed the Shock Treatment/sitdown Torture Rack.

Rave and Shelley beat up Delirious on the floor at 3:30. Shelley put Delirious in the Tree of Woe, and he stood on his crotch. Nana choked Delirious. Shelley put Delirious' head between Shelley's knees, and Shelley repeated rammed Delirious head into the mat. Haze hit a missile dropkick on Delirious' face! Delirious finally hit a running dropkick on Rave's back, and both men were down. Delirious made the hot tag to Sal Rinauro at 8:30. Sal hit a dropkick on Shelley, then some stiff forearm, and a springboard DDT on Shelley.

Mamaluke tagged in, and he hit a Saito Suplex on Rave, then a nice top-rope superplex. Mamaluke immediately applied a Front Guillotine Choke on Rave; the crowd popped for the move, but Rave made it to the ropes. Delirious hit some clotheslines on Shelley, then a Falcon Arrow for a nearfall at 11:30. Delirious nailed the Panic Attack/running knee on Shelley & Rave. The three faces jumped on Abyss, but he swatted them all away.

Abyss took over, nailing the Black Hole Slam/spinning sidewalk slam on Delirious, a chokeslam on Mamaluke, then the flip-up faceplant on Sal. Abyss went to hit a dive to the floor, but for the second-straight night, Shelley stopped him! The heels argued! Delirious nailed a dive onto Abyss. Sal & Mamaluke simultaneously pinned Shelley & Rave with double rollups. Good match that told a story, as the dissension between the heels continued.

(4) Low Ki defeats Jack Evans at 12:33. A fun match, and more competitive than I expected. The crowd started a funny "Jack's gonna kill you" chant. Evans did his breakdance routine in the middle of the ring, but Low Ki nailed a hard kick on him during the dance! Ki immediately unloaded some chops and forearms. Evans hit a dropkick, some weaker chops, and a headscissors takedown, sending Low Ki to the floor.

Evans missed his Sasake Special/cartwheel dive to the floor. In the ring, Ki hit some more chops and several spine kicks at 2:30. Evans threw some punches, but they didn't affect Low Ki. Ki applied a bodyscissorslock around Evans' waist, but Evans reached the ropes. They went to the floor, where Ki drove Evan's back into the guardrail at 6:00. Ouch! In the ring, Ki hit even more chops.

Evans came back with a nice spin heel kick to the face for a nearfall. He hit a handspring elbow, then a springboard knee to the back for a nearfall, and a "Low Ki" chant began. Ki hit more chops, some blows to the back, and some stomps. Evans nailed a twisting body press for a nearfall at 11:30. Ki hit a running dropkick that sent Evans flying for a nearfall. Ki then tied Evans in the Tree of Woe, and he hit the doublestomp for the pin. Good intense, hard-hitting action.

(5) Claudio Castognoli & Ace Steel defeat Nigel McGuinness & Chad Collyer at 16:10. Ace said, "you're gonna die, Collyer!" Nigel got on the mic and said he didn't understand the meaning of 'relaxed rules.' Nigel said he didn't want any chops or chokes, and he definitely doesn't want any tables or chairs! Jim Cornette came out and said people want to see someone’s a$$ whipped, and he said this was an anything goes match!

All four brawled in the ring, with Ace fighting Chad, and Claudio brawling with Nigel. Ace hit a chairshot to the head. Claudio piled up several chairs, and he slammed Nigel onto them. Claudio and Nigel traded European Uppercuts as they brawled through the crowd. Wow, this is hot! Ace hit a hotshot on Chad across the guardrail, and he tossed a beverage on him. They re-entered the ring at 4:00, and Nigel went for the headstand in the corner, but Ace chopped him.

The faces applied a team surfboard on Chad Collyer, then they hit a double clothesline. Chad hit a doublestomp on Ace, and the heels began to work Steel over, as Claudio was knocked out on the floor. The heels hit European Uppercuts on Ace. When Claudio tried to re-enter the ring, they tossed him again to the floor. Nigel accidentally clotheslined Chad at 8:30. Nigel nailed his headstand kick on Ace. Claudio nailed a springboard European Uppercut on Nigel. Claudio then dove through the ropes on Nigel. As those two fought on the floor, Ace hit an enziguri on Collyer. Collyer hit a Saito Suplex on Ace, then he applied the Texas Cloverleaf, but Claudio made the save.

Ace hit a Spinebuster on Collyer, then he applied the Horse Collar/leg-around-neck submission hold at 12:30. Ace nailed the Gory Special for a nearfall, then a Tornado DDT. Nigel hit a DDT on Claudio for a nearfall, as Collyer & Ace brawled to the floor. Ace gave Collyer a suplex on the ramp at 15:00! Nigel hit the Tower of London/Ace Crusher with feet on the ropes on Claudio, for a believable nearfall! Claudio then hit a modified Angle Slam to pin Nigel. Very good action.

Another backstage clip, as Austin Aries yelled at Matt Sydal. Again, this is in the distance, and we can't hear the discussion.

A.J. Styles did a backstage promo, talking about his accomplishments in Ring of Honor. He said one of those accomplishments is being 2-0 against American Dragon.

American Dragon cut a promo, saying he's been studying his tapes. "Tonight, I will beat you."

(6) Austin Aries & Roderick Strong defeat B.J. Whitmer & Jimmy Jacobs (w/Lacey) at 14:00 to retain the tag titles. Jacobs was quite protective of Lacey. The crowd chanted, "She's a crack whore!" at Lacey. Whitmer and Strong started with some nice arm reversals. Strong chopped Jacobs, and Aries chopped Jacobs. Whitmer hit some stiff forearms on Strong at 4:00, and Strong hit some loud chops on Whitmer. Jacobs dove through the ropes onto Strong on the floor.

The heels began to work over Strong with some blows to the back. Jacobs hit some chops, and he paused to blow a kiss to Lacey! Jacobs hit a nice headscissors takedown at 8:30 on Strong. B.J. missed a top-rope frogsplash; he went to the corner to tag in Jacobs, but Jacobs was on the floor gushing over Lacey. Aries hit a missile dropkick and a running dropkick to the face on Whitmer. Aries nailed a frogsplash on both heels for a believable nearfall at 11:30, then a flying forearm.

Whitmer came back with an Exploder Suplex on Aries. Jacobs hit a top-rope senton on Aries, but Strong made the save with a hard backchop on Jacobs. B.J. hit a release German Suplex on Strong, with Strong flipping in the air and crashing on his chest. B.J. hit a hard clothesline for a nearfall on Aries. Jacobs went for the Doomsday Rana, but he (intentionally) screwed it up. Aries hit a brainbuster on Whitmer, and Strong hit two backbreakers on Jacobs. Aries then nailed the 450 Splash on Jacobs for the pin. Good match.

Jacobs and Whitmer argued after the match. The crowd chanted "Jimmy F---ed up!" Whitmer slapped Jacobs, then he hit the Wrist-clutch Exploder suplex! Lacey yelled at Whitmer.

(7) Christopher Daniels (w/Allison Danger) defeats Matt Sydal at 15:11. Very good match. Sydal hit some quick armdrags, and Daniels immediately bailed to the floor. The crowd was HOT. Sydal hit a nice dropkick, and Daniels again bailed. At 3:30, Daniels was limping on the floor, favoring his right knee. They showed a replay of Daniels taking an armdrag and hitting his knee on the mat. (ROH RARELY uses replays mid-match.) Daniels hobbled in the ring, and he hit some stomps and a nice back suplex, dropping Sydal on his neck.

Daniels hit a nice back heel kick to the chin at 6:00 for a nearfall, then a Death Valley Driver, and both men were down. They brawled to the floor, where Daniels tossed Sydal into the guardrail, and he rammed Sydal's head into the guardrail. Sydal sold a neck injury. Sydal came back with a nice headscissors takedown. Daniels hit a uranage, and he went for the Angel's Wings/spinning Pedigree, but Sydal blocked it. Sydal hit a dropkick on Daniels, as Daniels went for a springboard move, and both men were down at 11:00.

Sydal dove over the top rope onto Daniels on the floor. Wow, the crowd is hot! Back in the ring, Sydal hit his standing moonsault for a nearfall. Daniels hit a uranage. Sydal hit a hard enziguri. Daniels hit a clothesline for a nearfall, but he missed the Best Moonsault Ever. Sydal nailed the "Here it is" Driver/pumphandle sitdown powerbomb. However, Sydal missed his Shooting Star Press. Daniels applied the Koji Clutch/mid-ring submission hold, and Sydal tapped out. Excellent action, and the injury to Daniels' knee didn't affect this match.

There was a cool clip of the Briscoes' prior matches in ROH, with the announcement that the brothers are on their way back to Ring of Honor!

(8) American Dragon Bryan Danielson defeats A.J. Styles at 31:22 to retain the ROH World Heavyweight Title. Wow, this was really, really good! They opened with some quick mat reversals, as the crowd alternated chants for both men. Dragon dropped Styles on his head, and Styles immediately went to the floor. Dragon offered a handshake; Styles spit on the hand! On commentary, Prazak said ROH has a 'big surprise' for the Feb. 11 show. Styles worked on the left arm; Dragon applied a headscissorslock, and he did some pushups with the move on at 5:00.

Styles kept going back to an armhold; Dragon would escape it, but Styles found a way to re-apply it. Styles hit a nice back suplex, then a spin kick to the face at 10:00, and a backbreaker over his knee. Dragon tried to Kip Up, but A.J. nailed a clothesline. Dragon hit some European Uppercuts in the corner, then a slap to the face and some hard forearms. A.J. nailed the standing dropkick to the face, and he applied a Muta Lock. The crowd is hot, and just split down the middle here, which was really cool.

Dragon hit a snap suplex, then a top-rope missile dropkick for a nearfall at 15:00. Dragon was getting cocky, as he stood on Styles' throat. A.J. went for the Styles Clash, but Dragon quickly reached out to grab the ropes. They went to the floor, where Dragon tossed Styles into the guardrail. Dragon tried it again; Styles leapfrogged the guardrail to land in the crowd. Styles hit a flying forearm, launching off the guardrail, onto Dragon. Back in the ring, Dragon hit some hard knee lifts, punches to the head, and he hit Styles' nose. Two idiotic fans began to chant "Boring" and Dragon stared at them in disbelief. Lenny Leonard ridiculed the two fans, as the rest of the fans chanted, "Shut the f--- up" at them.

Dragon applied a nice surfboard move, and he hit another shot to Styles' nose. Styles was bleeding from the nose at 21:00. Dragon hit a cravate suplex for a nearfall. I have to say it again... the crowd was hot! Dragon worked on Styles in the ropes, and he reminded the ref that he "has til five!" to let go. They traded more stiff forearms, and Styles hit the Pele Kick at 23:30. Styles hit a nice overhead modified T-Bone Suplex. Dragon hit a diving European Uppercut off the second rope.

Styles hit the Phenomenon/flip off the ropes into an inverted DDT for a nearfall, but Dragon reached the ropes. Dragon hit a top-rope back suplex for a nearfall, and he applied the Cattle Mutilation/double armbar at 27:30, and the crowd alternating between telling Styles to "tap!" and "please don't tap!" Styles made it to the ropes. A.J. fired back with a series of stiff clubbing forearms. They hit simultaneous roaring clotheslines, and both men were down.

Styles put Dragon in the Torture Rack, and he spun him to the mat. Styles then hit the Spiral Tap/corkscrew press of the top rope for a believable nearfall at 29:30, and the crowd went NUTS for the kickout. Styles went for the Styles Clash, and he kicked Dragon in the back. Dragon reversed himself out of the Clash into a Cattle Mutilation! From there, Dragon applied the Cross-Face Chickenwing, and Styles tapped out!!! WOW.

The crowd loudly chanted, "ROH!" The men each spit in their own hands and shook. Great match all around.

In the first backstage segment, Whitmer was about to speak, when Lacey cut him off. Whitmer said Jacobs has lost his mind. Lacey was upset at Whitmer. "Your problem, is you need to listen to me," Lacey said. B.J. sneered at her and told her that she should ask Allison Danger what happens when a woman gets in his way.

In another backstage segment, Dave Prazak interviewed Sydal and Aries. Sydal told Prazak that he decided he wants to go for the tag belts. Aries asked Sydal, "where were you, before we brought you into the group? You're being selfish." Sydal responded that Aries' reaction has only made his decision easier.

A commercial aired for FIP, then the Straight Shooting Series, to end the show.

Final thoughts: Tape runs 2 hours, 59 minutes. An excellent main event. I am a huge Styles fan, and I thought he was at his best here. These two definitely click in the ring, and Dragon looked great. The Cleveland crowd was unbelievably awesome, making this match look even better, as they were sooooo into this action.

The Daniels-Sydal match got second-best. Like the main event, the crowd was hot and split for both men. I thought both the six-man tag and the tag title matches also were really good, and those tie for third-best.

This was a very good show. I didn't like how short the opener was, but the match was fine. I thought it was good to get the Necro incident out of the way early... as it was clear to me he would interfere again after interfering the night before.

I have few bad things to say about this show. However, the loss of Low Ki, Abyss and Jay Lethal is really going to hurt, as they all played such a big part in this show.

This tape is highly recommended, and it can be purchased at for $20.

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